Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award - WEBCASTING

Joanne H Smith, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

02:00 PM   Introductory Remarks -
02:05 PM   Presentation
02:10 PM   Single Molecules as Light Sources for Super-Resolution Imaging and Probes for Single Biomolecules in Solution
02:45 PM   Single Molecules and Metal Nanoparticle Hot Spots
03:20 PM   Live-Cell Single-Molecule and Super-Resolution Imaging in Bacteria
03:55 PM   Recess
04:10 PM   Watching Single Enzymes and Fluorescent Proteins in Action in Solution Using a Microfluidic Trap
04:45 PM   Some Operational Principles for the Functional Conformation Transition in Enzymes

W.E. (William E.) Moerner, will receive the 2012 Pittsburgh Spectroscopy Award, presented by the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP). The SSP Award, established in 1957, honors an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field of spectroscopy.

W. E. (William E.) Moerner obtained his Ph.D. from Cornell University (1982) on infrared hole-burning of vibrations of molecular impurities in solids. After thirteen years at IBM Research, he became Distinguished Professor of Physical Chemistry at University of California, San Diego in 1995, and he moved to Stanford University in 1998 where he is currently Harry S. Mosher Professor of Chemistry and Professor, by courtesy, of Applied Physics. A Member of the National Academy of Sciences, he has received the Earle K. Plyler Prize (2001), the Wolf Prize in Chemistry (2008), and the Irving Langmuir Prize in Chemical Physics (2009).