Advanced Excel II: Write Your Own Functions and MacrosRobert de Levie, Bowdoin College
Analytical Method Validation, Verification and Transfer: Using a QbD Approach to Method LifecycleGregory Martin, Complectors Consulting
Analytical Organic Mass SpectrometryWilliam Budde, USEPA (Retired)
Basic HPLC - Fundamentals, Applications and TroubleshootingFred Rabel, ChromHELP, LLC
Basic HPLC Method DevelopmentFred Rabel, ChromHELP, LLC
Chemometric Techniques for Quantitative AnalysisRichard Kramer, Applied Chemometrics
Control of Impurities in Pharmaceutical Products: Impurities, Degradants, Residual Solvents and Elemental ImpuritiesGregory Martin, Complectors Consulting
Developing, Validating and Troubleshooting Dissolution MethodsGregory Martin, Complectors Consulting
Essentials of Modern HPLC/UHPLC 1: Fundamentals and ApplicationsMichael Dong, Genentech
Essentials of Modern HPLC/UHPLC 2: Operation, Troubleshooting and Method Development Michael Dong, Genentech
Highly Successful Strategies for LC/MS Quantitation: Current Applications and Emerging TechnologiesRick King/Mike Lee, Milestone Development Services
HPLC Method Development for LC/MS: Practical Theory, Concepts and Emerging TrendsShane Needham, Alturas Analytics, Inc.
Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography (HILIC) - Companion to Reversed Phase HPLCFred Rabel, ChromHELP, LLC
Interpretation of Electrospray Mass Spectra of Small Molecules Earl Michael Thurman, University of Colorado
Introduction to LCMS for Chromatographers and BeginnersRobert Classon, Shimadzu
Ionic Liquids in GCDaniel Armstrong/Len Sidisky, University of Texas at Arlington/Supelco
LC/MS Strategies for the Identification of Impurities, Degradants, and MetabolitesMike Lee/Graham McGibbon, Milestone Development Services
Light Scattering Techniques for Absolute Macromolecular CharacterizationSigrid Kuebler, Wyatt Technology
Methods Development, Validation Procedures, and Regulatory Compliance IssuesShib Mookherjea, ValQual International
Qualification and Validation of Laboratory Instruments and Equipment for Regulatory and QS Compliance (IQ, OQ, PQ)Shib Mookherjea, ValQual International
Qualification of Analytical Instruments for the Pharmaceutical LaboratoryGregory Martin, Complectors Consulting
Some Approaches to Analytical Data Treatment Using Microsoft® Excel™Mark Stauffer, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
Stability Testing of Pharmaceutical ProductsKim Huynhba/Kathleen Vo Brady, Pharmalytik
Statistically Sound Calibration Studies - Detection Limits, and Quantitation Limits - Part 1 of 2 - TheoryDavid Coleman, Alcoa
Trace Level Method Development and Validation Practice in the Pharmaceutical IndustryGyorgy Vas, Johnson&Johnson

ACS ANYL - Ion Mobility Spectrometry in Pharmaceutical AnalysisAlexander A Shvartsburg, PNNL
ACS ANYL w/AAPS APQ - Understanding Analytical Method Variance and the Impact for QbD Filing for Pharmaceutical ProductsKenneth Norris, Pfizer
Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals and IdentificationPerry G Wang, US FDA
Current Status and Emerging Trends of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry in the Analysis of Small Molecules, Biologics and Bio SimilarsArindam Roy, Oakwood Laboratories
Recent Advances in Ion Chromatographic Analyses of Pharmaceuticals and BiopharmaceuticalsShreekant V Karmarkar, Baxter Healthcare
Recent Developments and Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Analytical Characterization of BiotherapeuticsGuodong Chen, Bristol-Myers Squibb
A Survey of Recent Advances in Protein AnalysisMichael David McGinley, Phenomenex
New Advances in the Analysis of Oligonucleotide TherapeuticsMichael David McGinley, Phenomenex
High-Throughput Chemical Analysis (Half Session)Garry J Lynch, Bechtel Bettis Laboratory
Pharmaceutical: Chromatography MethodsDavid Myers, Eli Lillly and Company
Pharmaceutical: Other Analytical MethodsArchana Kumar, Genentech Inc.
Pharmaceutical: Spectroscopy Methods (Half Session)Katherine Bakeev, CAMO Software Inc.
High-Throughput Chemical Analysis
Pharmaceutical: Chromatography Methods
Pharmaceutical: Other Analytical Methods
Pharmaceutical: Spectroscopy Methods
Separations and Detection for Drug Discovery