Monday, March 18, 2013

Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award

Jane Chan, Bechtel Bettis, Inc.

08:00 AM   Introductory Remarks -
08:05 AM   Presentation
08:10 AM   New Ionization Methods for Mass Spectrometry for the Characterization of Biological Materials Directly from Surfaces
08:45 AM   Protein Conformational Evolution from Solution to Gas Phase: Electrospray Ionization Yields Unfolding and New Folding
09:20 AM   Developing Techniques for Following Transitions Between Conformational States
09:55 AM   Innovative Technology for the Identification of Post-Translational Modifications - New Findings in Research Related to Plant Biology, Eoigenetics and Immunotherapy of Cancer
10:30 AM   Bioconjugation in the Gas Phase: New Chemistry for Tandem Mass Spectrometry

Sarah Trimpin of Wayne State University, will receive the 2013 Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award. This award, sponsored jointly by the Pittsburgh Conference and the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP), recognizes individuals who have outstanding achievements within 10 years after completion of their PhD work.

Dr. Trimpin is an assistant professor at Wayne State University since 2008 where her group has published 24 papers, a number of reviews, and book chapters related to research in mass spectrometry. She received BS and MS degrees from the University of Konstanz and the PhD degree from the Max-Planck-Institute for Polymer Research. She held a joint postdoctoral position at Oregon State and Oregon Health & Science Universities with Max Deinzer and Peter Spencer and was a research associate at Indiana University with David Clemmer. She is the recipient of the ASMS Research Award, DuPont Young Professor Award, Eli Lilly Young Investigator Award in Analytical Chemistry, Schaap Faculty Scholar Award, NSF CAREER Award, and is a Waters Centers of Innovation Program Honoree.