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Abstract Number: 920 - 5
Author Name: Alexandre A Shvartsburg - PNNL
Session Title: ACS ANYL - Ion Mobility Spectrometry in Pharmaceutical Analysis
Event Type: Symposia
Event Title: Advances in FAIMS Technology and Its Bioanalytical Applications

Presider Name:Alexander A ShvartsburgCo-Author:Gordon Anderson, Richard Smith
Affiliation:PNNLAffiliation:Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, PNNL

Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Start Time: 09:50 AM (Slot #5)
Location: 201A

Abstract Content

This lecture will review the latest developments in technology of differential IMS (FAIMS) and its capabilities in exemplary biological analyses of pharmaceutical relevance. The discussion of methods will focus on the gains in resolution and precision of FAIMS spectral measurements achieved employing stabilized more accurate electronics, novel carrier gas compositions rich in hydrogen, and non-covalent complexation in sample solutions. The resulting high FAIMS definition enables new applications such as exact localization of yet smaller post-translational modifications on increasingly large polypeptides and separation of isomeric metabolites such as saccharides. We shall particularly present the expansion of high-resolution FAIMS capability to isomers of whole proteins and the potential new opportunities for top-down proteomics and characterization and quality control of intact proteins. We shall also talk about the new FAIMS hardware, involving both “full-size” and microchip devices, and their emerging applications in proteomic analyses on both peptide and protein levels.