Basic Information

Abstract Number: 900 - 5
Author Name: Samuel W Thomas - Tufts University
Session Title: Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award
Event Type: Awards
Event Title: Singlet-Oxygen Responsive Conjugated Materials

Presider Name:Jane Chan
Affiliation:Bechtel Bettis, Inc.

Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Start Time: 09:20 AM (Slot #5)
Location: 114

Abstract Content

This talk will describe conjugated polymer (CP)-based materials that show a photoluminescent response to singlet oxygen. Furan-linked CPs respond to singlet oxygen through the generation of linked fluorescence quenching moieties, while acene-linked CPs respond through an interruption of energy transfer, resulting in a ratiometric response. This ratiometric response occurs in both organic solvent with dissolved CPs, and in aqueous environments with acene-doped CP films. These films also respond to irradiation of microspheres with protein-bound sensitizers, a solution to the problem of protein-conjugated polymer non-specific interactions in biosensing. Additional features, such as the reversibility of the response by using alkyne-substituted acenes, will also be discussed.