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Abstract Number: 900 - 6
Author Name: Robert T Kennedy - University of Michigan
Session Title: Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry Award
Event Type: Awards
Event Title: High Throughput Analysis Using Droplet Microfluidics

Presider Name:Jane Chan
Affiliation:Bechtel Bettis, Inc.

Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2013
Start Time: 09:55 AM (Slot #6)
Location: 114

Abstract Content

An emerging trend in chemical analysis is manipulating samples as droplets, often in microfluidic systems. In one approach, called segmented flow, plugs of sample spanning channel walls are separated by an immiscible fluid such as fluorinated oil. Plugs may be pumped through microfluidic devices where they may be split, injected with reagent, mixed, or coalesced enabling extensive sample processing.We have added chemical analysis of the droplets by mass spectrometry and electrophoresis. Attractive features of these systems are miniaturization, i.e. efficient use of nanoliter samples, and high throughput. These techniques allow new approaches to label-free high throughput analysis. For example, we have developed a "mass spectrometry plate reader" which converts an array of samples to droplets for MS analysis at rates of 3-10 Hz. To use this system for screeening, we have developed assays for novel drug targets. Another application of the droplet analysis system is for in vivo chemical monitoring. Progress in droplet assay development, high-throghput screening, and in vivo sensing by this approach will be described.