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Abstract Number: 620 - 5
Author Name: Guido Verbeck - University of North Texas
Session Title: Miniature Mass Spectrometers: Reaching the Exponential of the Growth Curve
Event Type: Symposia
Event Title: Deployable Remote Miniature Cylindrical Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

Presider Name:R Graham Cooks
Affiliation:Purdue University

Date: Monday, March 18, 2013
Start Time: 03:50 PM (Slot #5)
Location: 201A

Abstract Content

We present here the initial platform for a launchable, deployable remote mass analyzer with no moving parts. The mass-spec is designed to be deployable, remotely operated, rugged and cost effective. It has the capability for direct sampling and alternative front-ends. This makes it an excellent candidate for the detection of trace amounts of a chemical that might be hazardous to field personnel and first responders. The ReMiCIT can send data to a remote site to be analyzed immediately and in real time, and is robust enough to withstand field damage as the system is encased in a rugged chamber. Deployability is credited to its overall size, 6.25 inches in diameter, comparable to the size of a standard softball. As new chemical agents, weapons, and contraband are introduced, there is also a requirement that field detectors be adaptable and able to discern these new interests. For handheld and portable chemical analyzers, a list of requirements to have near-zero false positive rates, long lifetimes, minimal training required for use, light weight and deployable, broad detection capabilities, and low cost. Elimination of false positive results is critical for the successful use of such devices. The only detection technology that can meet these requirements is a mass spectrometer (MS). This new system also employs MS/MS capabilities to root out false positives, and aid the user in identifying new threats.

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