Monday, March 18, 2013

Water Quality and Environmental Issues

Lauren Weinrich, American Water

02:00 PM   Introductory Remarks -
02:05 PM   Optical Monitoring of Disinfection By-Product Precursors with Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Mapping (F-EEM): Practical Application Issues for Drinking, Waste and Reuse Water Industry
02:40 PM   Withdrawn
03:15 PM   The Evolution of Analytical Methods for Compliance Monitoring
03:50 PM   An Overview of Hexavalent Chromium Methods and Research
04:25 PM   Challenges in Measuring and Monitoring for Effects of Shale Gas Produced Water on Drinking Water Treatment Plants

The environmental water quality half-day symposium for PittCon 2013 pulls expert panelists to discuss issues in the water industry that are supported by the use of advanced analytical techniques. Topics will focus on emerging analytical technologies and cutting edge research and development in the drinking water industry. Presentations will include advanced monitoring and analysis of drinking water using excitation-emission technology by the Aqualog CDOM Fluormoeter (Horiba Scientific), which won the 2011 Best New Scientific Instruments Award at the Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments (ACCSI 2012). Other advanced analytical method developments will be discussed, from the perspective of leading government and private national laboratories. Additional topics will include hot topics in the industry focusing on public health and technical development, including Chromium-6, which has been noteworthy for potential health effects and action levels in conjunction with developing regulations. The lead engineer and water quality specialist will present recent research targeted for understanding the drinking water impacts of hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale region. These topics are of interest to Philadelphia region and will also have mass appeal for a broad base of interest levels for conference attendees. This symposium will incorporate water quality and environmental issues in order to facilitate dialogues and provide a platform for sharing experiences of ongoing and emerging issues.