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Abstract Number: 580 - 8
Author Name: Allen J Bard - University of Texas at Austin
Session Title: SEAC - Charles N Reilley and Young Investigators Awards
Event Type: Awards
Event Title: Analysis Through Electrochemistry of Single Particles

Presider Name:Henry WhiteCo-Author:Aliaksei Boika, Jun Hui Park
Affiliation:University of UtahAffiliation:University of Texas at Austin

Date: Monday, March 18, 2013
Start Time: 04:35 PM (Slot #8)
Location: 114

Abstract Content

Studies of single molecules or nanoparticles (NPs) are of intense interest, because such studies can potentially provide information that is not available from investigations of large ensembles. They can also, in principle, form the basis of analytical methods for very small numbers of molecules. Most of these studies have been carried out by spectroscopic methods, e.g. fluorescence spectroscopy. However over the past years electrochemical methods, based on observation of single NP collisions with an electrode have been developed.

This has been accomplished by observing collisions of individual metal or other catalytic NPs with an electrode by using novel electrocatalytic current or potential amplification schemes. Recent studies and their analytical applications will be described.