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Abstract Number: 2110 - 4
Author Name: Susan M Lunte - University of Kansas
Session Title: More Than One Way to Skin a Cat: The Diversity of Analytical Tools for Chemically Mapping the Brain
Event Type: Symposia
Event Title: Lab on a Sheep

Presider Name:Parastoo HashemiCo-Author:Rachel A Saylor, David E Scott, Anne Regel
Affiliation:Wayne State UniversityAffiliation:University of Kansas

Date: Thursday, March 6, 2014
Start Time: 09:45 AM (Slot #4)
Location: S404a

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Most behavioural studies using microdialysis sampling require tethering of the animal to the microdialysis system so that the animal is freely moving but not freely roaming. In this paper, we describe an on-animal separation-based sensor that combines microdialysis sampling with microchip electrophoresis. The goal is to develop a miniaturized device that can be placed on-animal and is capable of continuous monitoring of drug and neurotransmitter concentrations in the brains of freely roaming sheep. Such a device, combined with video recording, will make it possible to directly correlate neurochemistry with animal behaviour. Microchip electrophoresis is employed for the analysis since it makes possible the separation and detection of several analytes simultaneously with good temporal resolution. Analytes are detected using electrochemical detection, a mode particularly well-suited to such portable analysis systems since the electrode and the potentiostat are easily miniaturized. The current on-animal system is about the size of a lunch box and is run by a laptop battery. The instrument is remotely controlled using telemetry. This system was first demonstrated by monitoring the generation of nitric oxide from subcutaneous infusions of nitroglycerin in freely roaming sheep. Recent progress in the development of an on-animal sensor for the continuous monitoring of biogenic amines in brain microdialysis samples will be presented.