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Abstract Number: 60 - 7
Author Name: Alan G Marshall - Florida State University
Session Title: NSF Centers for Advancing Instrument Development and Analytical Research
Event Type: Symposia
Event Title: NSF National High Field Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance User Facility: Instrumentation, Science Drivers, Structure, and Operation

Presider Name:Zeev RosenzweigCo-Author:Greg T Blakney, Nathan K Kaiser, Amy M McKenna, Ryan P Rodgers, Chad R Weisbrod, Nicolas L Young
Affiliation:University of Maryland Baltimore CountyAffiliation:Florida State University

Date: Sunday, March 2, 2014
Start Time: 04:10 PM (Slot #7)
Location: S402a

Abstract Content

In 1994, the USA National Science Foundation funded a national user facility for ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry. Over the years, the Facility has grown to six Ph.D. permanent staff, a technician, and a machinist. Postdocs and graduate students also collaborate with external users. Access is free, provided that (a) the problem cannot be solved with other mass analyzers, and (b) the results must be publishable. Instrumentation is upgraded continuously, not just at the onset of each new grant period. Current applications include proteomics (both bottom-up and top-down), complex organic mixture analysis (e.g., petroleomics, environmental samples), hydrogen/deuterium exchange to map contact surfaces in biomacromolecule complexes, and new cluster ions. We are preparing for the arrival of a 21 tesla horizontal superconducting magnet (highest magnetic field in the world for FT-ICR MS) in Fall, 2013. The talk will feature instrumentation developments and performance benchmarks as well as representative current applications, e.g., mass spectral peak capacity greater than 1,000,000, providing nonpareil resolution and identification of >100,000 elemental compositions from a single mass spectrum. Work supported by NSF DMR-11-57490 and NSF CHE-10-19193, BP/The Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative to the Deep-C Consortium, and the State of Florida.