Materials Science

Undergraduate Poster Session
Investigation of a One-Step Synthesis-Grafting Method to Modify Glassy Carbon ElectrodesGarrhett G Via - Wittenberg University
Photochemical and Thermal Control over Electrolessly Gold-plated Film Structure on Thin Silicon Nitride to Target Sensing ApplicationsCaitlin M Masterson - University of Rhode Island
Coherent Spectroscopy and Coherent Control All Across the SpectrumKeith A Nelson - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
The Myth and Obstacle of Adhesive Bonding for Automotive Steel Body Panel Applications - From a Steel Researcher PerspectiveChann Cheng - ArcelorMittal USA
Analysis of New Materials for Chromatography and Data Storage via Multiple Surface/Material Analytical TechniquesMatthew R Linford - Brigham Young University
Diffusion and Trapping of Single Particles in Pores with Combined Pressure and Dynamic VoltageZuzanna S Siwy - University of California Irvine
Electroanalytical Performance of Nitrogen-Containing Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon Thin-Film ElectrodesGreg M Swain - Michigan State University
Exploiting Quantum and Coherent Plasmonic Effects for Surface Enhanced SpectroscopiesPeter Nordlander - Rice University
From Thermometry to Differential Thermal Analysis to Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Key Developments in DSCRobert Danley - TA Instruments
Mechanisms of Electrochemical Charge Storage in Two-Dimensional Ti3C2 MXeneMajid Beidaghi - Drexel University
Nanodiamonds for Liquid Phase SeparationsLuis A Colon - University at Buffalo-SUNY
Nanoparticles-Enhanced Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Concepts and ApplicationsAlessandro De Giacomo - University of Bari
Near-Field Mid-IR Imaging in the Material SciencesCurtis Marcott - Light Light Solutions
Photoelectron Spectroscopy: From Surface Chemistry To Buried InterfacesJeff Terry - Illinois Institute of Technology
Probing Liquid/Solid Interface Chemistry Within Porous Particles by Confocal Raman MicroscopyJoel M Harris - University of Utah
Raman Spectroscopy – The Synergism Between Instrumentation Evolution and Emerging ApplicationsFran Adar - Horiba Scientific
Refractive Index Monitoring at the NanoscaleAndreas P Ruediger - INRS-EMT
Single-Molecule Imaging of Single-Particle PhotoelectrocatalysisPeng Chen - Cornell University
The Vast Capabilities of X-Ray Diffraction and Scattering in Material AnalysisStacey J Smith - Brigham Young University
Thermomechanical AnalysisBryan Bilyeu - Xavier University of Louisiana
Ultrafast LIBS for 3D Chemical ImagingVassilia Zorba - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Vibrational Coupling and Dynamics from Low-Temperature Tip-Enhanced Raman SpectroscopyMarkus B Raschke - University of Colorado
Organized Contributed Sessions
Imaging of Retention Kinetics Within Individual Reversed-Phase Chromatographic ParticlesJoel M Harris - University of Utah
Polarized AFM-IR Studies of Anisotropically Oriented Polymers in Films and NanofibersJohn F Rabolt - University of Delaware
Single Molecule Resolution of Surface HeterogeneityDaniel Schwartz - University of Colorado Boulder
Single Molecule Tracking and Combinatorial Materials Science: Exploring the Nanoscale Properties of Thin Film Gradients and Their SurfacesDaniel A Higgins - Kansas State University
Tip-Enhanced Infrared Nanospectroscopy via Molecular Expansion Force DetectionMikhail A Belkin - The University of Texas at Austin
Trace Analysis of Hydride Impurities in Phosphine by Gas ChromatographyWilliam Geiger - CONSCI, LTD
Oral Sessions
Applications Enabled by Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy Elemental MappingGerardo Gamez - Texas Tech University
Brine Analysis Using Radial Viewing ICP-OES Instrument with Total Plasma View FeatureKayvon Savadkouei - Horiba Scientific
Characterization of Liquid Crystal Materials by DSC and TGA-GC-MSBob Fidler - NETZSCH Instruments N.A. LLC
Comprehensive Thermal Characterization of Fiber Reinforced PlasticsBob Fidler - NETZSCH Instruments N.A. LLC
Development of Hydrolytically Stable HILIC Phases - Challenges and SolutionsM Farooq Wahab - University of Texas at Arlington
Electrodeposition of 90-10 Cu-Ni Nanocomposite Coatings for Corrosion ProtectionCasey Thurber - University of North Texas
Graphite from the University of Idaho Thermolyzed Asphalt Reaction (GUITAR): Electrochemical Studies and ApplicationsIsaiah O Gyan - University of Idaho
Head Space Raman SpectroscopyDavid Tuschel - HORIBA Scientific
Material Analysis Using Euclidean Distance ClusteringMichael Boruta - ACD/Labs
Measuring Hydrogen Bond-Based Non Covalent Interactions in Very Non Polar Solvents with Isothermal Titration CalorimetryAnthony R Horner - University of Pittsburgh
pH Switchable, Charge Dependent Transport in a Weak Polyelectrolyte MultilayerLawrence J Tauzin - Rice University
Photo-Orientation of Hydrogen-Bonded Polymer-Azobenzene Complexes Using Polarization Modulation Infrared Structural Absorbance SpectroscopyXiaoxiao Wang - University of Montreal
Raman Imaging for Visualizing Structural Variations in Advanced MaterialsMark H Wall - Thermo Fisher Scientific
Redox Nano-Titrations on Operating Water-Splitting Semiconductor Electrodes for the Quantification of Photogenerated IntermediatesJoaquin Rodriguez-Lopez - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Stratified Dipole-Arrays Model Accounting for Perfluoroalkyl Compounds-Specific Bulk PropertiesTakeshi Hasegawa - Kyoto University
Structural Effects on the Performance of Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon ElectrodesBrandon W Whitman - Michigan State University
Tailored Electroosmotic Flow Through Nanoporous Gold Membranes for Dynamic Selective SeparationsDaniel A McCurry - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Interest of High Resolution ICP-OES for the Determination of Trace Elements in a Rare Earth Element Matrix and in Nd Fe B Magnetic MaterialsKayvon Savadkouei - Horiba Scientific
Variable Temperature Infrared Spectroscopy: An Elegant Tool to Quantify Hydrogen Bonding During Vitrification of Molecular GlassesAudrey Laventure - University of Montreal
Poster Sessions
A Narrow Band Etalon-Based Phased Array for Spectral ImagingJonathan R Damsel - Cleveland State University
Chlorine Analysis of Cement Materials by XRF Using Borate Fusion as Sample PreparationMathieu Bouchard - Claisse
Colorimetric pH Paper with a Scale BarYeongbeom Cho - Hanyang University
Comparative Study of Saturation Effect in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and Laser Induced Molecular Emission Spectroscopy (LIMES)Bader Alfarraj - Mississippi State University
Determination of Different Types of Rosins in Mixtures Using Derivatisation and Analysis by GCDeepali Saxena - Alent Plc
Dielectric Measurements of Materials Embedded in Polymer Matrixes with Terahertz Time Domain SpectroscopyBandaranayake M Bandaranayake - University of Iowa
High Speed WDS Spectrometer for SEM Provides Rapid Id of Overlapped Peaks from Minor and Trace Constituents (WDS) / MaterialsJohn Konopka - Thermo Fisher Scientific
Injectable Hydrogels for Controlled Release of DrugsWenlang Liang - University of Central Florida
Inkjet Approach for Preparation of Monodisperse Porous Polymer ParticlesJianmin Yang - Tokyo Metropolitan University
Long –Term Thermal Stability of Na-PHEMA Stationary Phase in HTLCSema Akay - Aksaray University
Multiple Light Scattering for the Analysis of Physical Stability of Concentrated DispersionsJonathan Denis - Formulaction Inc
Silk/PLA Bio-alloy Materials for Medical ApplicationsXiao Hu - Rowan University
Synthesis and Characterization of Stable, Long-Lived Carbazole-Derived GUMBOS (Group of Uniform Materials Based on Organic Salts) for Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs)Deepthika De Silva - Louisiana State University
Uncertainty in Dry Powder Particle Size Analysis by Laser DiffractionJeffrey Bodycomb - HORIBA Scientific
Use of FTIR Spectroscopy Technique in the Determination of Cotton Fiber Maturity and Crystallinity Yongliang Liu - USDA/ARS
What Happened when a Superhydrophobic Surface was Immersed in Water? A Study by Optical Transmission MicroscopyLing Sun - Technical University of Denmark