Basic Information

Abstract Number: 1610 - 2
Author Name: Fran Adar - Horiba Scientific
Session Title: Advances in Raman
Event Type: Symposia
Event Title: Raman Spectroscopy – The Synergism Between Instrumentation Evolution and Emerging Applications

Presider Name:Sanford Asher
Affiliation:University of Pittsburgh

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Start Time: 08:35 AM (Slot #2)
Location: 239

Abstract Content

The evolution of the instrumentation used to detect the Raman effect, from the initial instrument used by CV Raman himself, through to the current use of multichannel detectors on grating-based spectrographs with microscope sampling devices, will be reviewed, while indicating what fields of science have been explored during these time periods. In the earliest period we will indicate how Raman spectra were originally used as an aid to determine molecular structure. During the 1960’s it was successfully used to study the physics of semiconducting materials and devices. The introduction of the microscope in ~1974 as a sampling device first simplified experimental conditions, but also provided information on a scale commensurate with many questions of microstructure and with problems of manufacturing defects. Curiously, while the original concept of the microscope in the early 1970’s was focused on Raman imaging, technological limitations prevented its practical implementation. As the ability to acquire high quality map data over a region of interest improved, development of multivariate statistical means of treating the data has provided high quality Raman images that are now yielding solutions to problems.