Basic Information

Abstract Number: 280 - 6
Author Name: Peng Chen - Cornell University
Session Title: Analytical Chemistry at the Single Molecule and Single Particle Level
Event Type: Symposia
Event Title: Single-Molecule Imaging of Single-Particle Photoelectrocatalysis

Presider Name:Cynthia G Zoski
Affiliation:New Mexico State University

Date: Monday, March 9, 2015
Start Time: 10:35 AM (Slot #6)
Location: 242

Abstract Content

This talk will present our recent results in using single-molecule fluorescence microscopy to image photoelectrochemical reactions on single semiconductor nanostructures. We separately image hole and electron induced reactions, driven by light and electrochemical potential, and map the reactions at single reaction temporal resolution and nanometer spatial resolution. We also correlate the surface reactivity with the overall performance of each nanostructure in photoelectrochemical splitting of water.