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Abstract Number: 640 - 3
Author Name: Luis A Colon - University at Buffalo-SUNY
Session Title: Carbon Materials: Electrochemistry and Beyond
Event Type: Symposia
Event Title: Nanodiamonds for Liquid Phase Separations

Presider Name:Greg M SwainCo-Author:Zuqin Xue, Amaris Borges-Muñoz, Lisandra Santiago-Capeles, Karina Tirado-González
Affiliation:Michigan State UniversityAffiliation:University at Buffalo-SUNY, University at Buffalo

Date: Monday, March 9, 2015
Start Time: 02:10 PM (Slot #3)
Location: 262

Abstract Content

There has been recent interest in exploring the use of various nanomaterials as adsorbent media for chromatogrpahy; among these are the carbon-based nanoparticles carbon dots (C-dots) and nanodiamonds (NDs). We have developed strategies to modify the surface of silica materials with such nanoparticles. Both, silica and monolithic structures have been used as support materials. Of particular interest have been the ND-modified silicas. Nanodiamonds having an oxidized or a hydrogenated surface were attached to silica. The degree of hydrogenation on the NDs can be controlled by manipulating experimental parameters. After physicochemical characterization, we explored the adsorptive characteristics of these materials using liquid chromatography (LC) and supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC). The initial findings suggest that non-hydrogenated ND-modified silica provided ion exchange sites as well as hydrophilic interactions while the hydrogenated ND-modified silica provided more hydrophobic interaction. In this occasion, we will present details of the NDs attachment to silica materials, characterization, as well as the findings of our chromatographic testing.