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Abstract Number: 1040 - 3
Author Name: Eiji Kato - Advantest America, Inc.
Session Title: Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging: Toward Practical Applications
Event Type: Symposia
Event Title: Recent Practical Industrial Applications Using Terahertz Technology

Presider Name:Katsuhiro Ajito
Affiliation:NTT Corporation

Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Start Time: 09:10 AM (Slot #3)
Location: 264

Abstract Content

Since the ultra-fast terahertz (THz) pulse radiation and detection has demonstrated in the late 80’s, many kinds of spectroscopy and imaging techniques have developed and are still progressing. In the past a few decades, many researchers have proved that THz spectral region is very attractive to industrial applications as well as fundamental science. In this symposium, we will present recent progresses of THz instruments and some industrial applications. We would say that significant technological breakthroughs in instrumentation that allow us to apply to industrial applications are miniature fiber coupled THz emitter/ detector and rapid THz wave sampling technology. The miniature fiber coupled THz emitter and detector give a flexibility and accessibility in measuring (or monitoring) the target materials flowing through production process. And the rapid THz wave sampling such as electronically controlled optical sampling technology opens the way to real time monitoring and high throughput testing. In recent years, for the sake of introducing of novel materials and production efficiency improvement, it is increasing the demand for new non-destructive testing solutions in various industries. THz technology is considered as one of the promising candidates for measuring thickness or material density of opaque materials. We will show some practical applications for pharmaceutical, semiconductor and other industries.