Sunday, March 6, 2016


Funding/Upgrading for Mid-size EquipmentThayumanasamy Somasundaram, Florida State University
Getting the Most of Your Pittcon ExperiencePittcon Committee Members,
What Can You Do With 6 or 12 Channels of Data?Paul Wilmarth, AMS Taos Inc. and Rob Johannigman, AMS Taos Inc.

Heritage Award
The Pittcon Heritage Award
ACS Poster
ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Poster Session
The Wallace H. Coulter Lecture
The Wallace H. Coulter Lecture
ACS-ANYL - Tracing the Metabolome: Application of Stable-Isotope Tracers in Bioanalytical ChemistryCynthia K Larive, University of California - Riverside
Emerging Leaders in Biological Mass SpectrometryAmanda B Hummon, University of Notre Dame
Enabling Sample Preconcentration Methods for BioanalysisAdam T Woolley, Brigham Young University
Frontiers of In Situ and In Vivo Spectroscopic ImagingJi-Xin Cheng, Purdue University
Wearable and Point-of-Care Sensor Technologies for BiomonitoringIan Papautsky, University of Cincinnati
Light Sources in Analytical Chemistry: Solid State Light Sources and BeyondMirek Macka, University of Tasmania
Organized Contributed Sessions
Advances in Mass Spectrometry of RNA - Half SessionNorman Chiu, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Ionophore-Based Chemical Sensors IPhilippe Buhlmann, University of Minnesota
Oral Sessions
Bioanalytical: LC Techniques - Half SessionSean M Burrows, Oregon State University
Bioanalytical: LC/MS Techniques - Half SessionSean M Burrows, Oregon State University
Chemical Methods - Half SessionRichard Bormett, Renishaw
Gas Chromatography InnovationsOlujide T Akinbo, Butler University
GC Optimization - Half SessionDavid Benanou, Veolia
Instrument Innovations - Half SessionRichard Bormett, Renishaw
Measurement Strategies - Sensors and SpectroscopyStephanie Archer-Hartmann, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center
Process Analytical Techniques - Half SessionDavid Benanou, Veolia
Sunday Poster Session
Sunday Poster Session

Analytical Excellence: Assuring Data Integrity and Laboratory ComplianceChristopher Burgess, B A C Limited
Chemistry Laboratory Techniques for the Chemist and Technician – A Comprehensive ReviewBryan Ham / Aihui MaHam, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Chemometrics Techniques for Quantitative AnalysisRichard Kramer, Applied Chemometrics
Chiral SeparationsZachary Breitbach, University of Texas at Arlington
Control Charting – A Tool for Monitoring Testing ProcessPolona Carson / John Carson, P&J Carson Consulting, LLC
Essentials of Modern HPLC/UHPLC 2: Operation, Troubleshooting, and Method Development Michael Dong, MWD Consulting
Getting Started with Excel and VBA in the Laboratory (Laptop Required)William Neil / Martin Echols, Bristol Myers Squibb
Industrial Problem Solving Using Thermal Analysis TechniquesAnthony Parker, A. A. Parker Consulting, LLC
Karl Fischer Analysis of Gas, Liquids and Solids Frederick Fiddler / Dr. Keith Freel / , Metrohm / Sigma Aldrich
Karl Fischer Analysis of Gas, Liquids and Solids Dr. Tim Deschaines / Doug Clark, Metrohm / Sigma Aldrich
LC-MS-MS Analysis of Emerging Contaminants ( EDCs, PPCPs and PFCs) and Nanomaterials in the EnvironmentDamia Barcelo, ICRA
Long-Term Archiving of Laboratory DataBurkhard Schaefer, BSSN Software GmbH
Methods Development (QbD) With Risk Based Strategy Validation Procedures and Compliance IssuesShib Mookherjea, ValQual International, Inc.
Practical Gas ChromatographyEugene Barry / Thomas Brettell, UMass Lowell / Cedar Crest College
Practical LC-MS Method Development for Small Molecules Perry Wang, US FDA
Scanning and Transmission Based Electron Microscopy and SpectroscopyRandy Vander Wal, Penn State University
Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) and Other Sampling and Sample Preparation Technologies for Laboratory and On-site ApplicationsNathaly Reyes-Garces, University of Waterloo
Statistically Sound Calibration Studies, Detection Limits, and Quantitation Limits Lynn Vanatta,
Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography for Pharmaceutical AnalysisDwight Stoll, Gustavus Adolphus College