Oral Sessions

Advances in Fuel and Petrochemical AnalysesJohn Baltrus, US Department of Energy-NETL
Bioanalytical: Electrochemical TechniquesLeslie Wilson, North Carolina State University
Bioanalytical: Fluorescence/Luminescence TechniquesNathan Whitman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Bioanalytical: LC Techniques - Half SessionSean M Burrows, Oregon State University
Bioanalytical: LC/MS Techniques - Half SessionSean M Burrows, Oregon State University
Bioanalytical: Sampling and Sample Preparation - Half SessionJinesh Jain, NETL
Bioanalytical: Techniques Using SensorsKi Li, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Bioanalytical: Using Microfluidics/Lab-on-a-Chip TechniquesCasey Burton, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Biomedical: Advances in Detection and Therapeutics of CancerRabih E Jabbour, US Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center
Biomedical: Advances in Glucose Monitoring and Therapeutics of Diabetes - Half SessionBarbara Manner, The Pittsburgh Conference
Biomedical: Advances in Point-of-Care TechnologiesMustafa Culha, Yeditepe University
Biomedical: Nanotechnology - Half SessionJagdish Singh, Mississippi State University
Biomedical: New Technologies for Breath Analysis (Half Session)Pete Broske, Agilent Technologies
Capillary ElectrophoresisChristopher R Harrison, San Diego State University
Capillary ElectrophoresisElizabeth Harris, Mannkind Corporation
Chemical Methods - Half SessionRichard Bormett, Renishaw
Clinical/ToxicologyTyler Davis, West Virginia University
Computers in Chemistry - Half SessionDean Tzeng, The Pittsburgh Conference
Consumer Products Characterization - Half SessionJinesh Jain, NETL
Data Analysis and ManipulationA Peter Snyder, Retired Government
Detection of Illicit Drugs - Half SessionNathaniel R Gomer, ChemImage Sensor Systems
Electrochemistry - Biological ApplicationsYinfa Ma, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Electrochemistry - New Approaches and TechniquesLawrence A Bottomley, Georgia Institute of Technology
Electrochemistry - New Methods and ApplicationsLeslie A Sombers, North Carolina State University
Enhancements in Pharmaceutical and Environmental SeparationsRichard Henry, Consultant
Environmental Air Quality and AnalysisJohn Kokosa, Research Consultant
Environmental and Instrumentation Application of LC/MS - Half SessionRyan J White, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
Environmental Applications of Electrochemistry and Sensors - Half SessionSusan S Marine, Miami University Middletown
Environmental Applications of Elemental AnalysisEugene F Barry, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Environmental GCWalter B Wilson, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Environmental LCAriel Donovan, Missouri University Science and Technology
Environmental Water Quality and AnalysisJohn P Auses, University of Pittsburgh
Environmental, Pharm and Nano Methods Development in Atomic SpectroscopyDavid Clarke, Teledyne CETAC Technologies
Fluorescence and Luminescence AdvancesChenzhong Li, Florida International University
Food ContaminantsJoan M Stevens, Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Food Product Quality and Component CharacterizationEd Guthrie, Agilent Technologies
Food Product Quality and Component Characterization IIAlexander J Krynitsky, US FDA
Food Safety Evaluations - Half SessionAlice Chen, The Pittsburgh Conference
Forensic Trace Analysis - Half SessionNathaniel R Gomer, ChemImage Sensor Systems
FTIR and Terahertz ApplicationsChin-I Shyr, The Pittsburgh Conference
Gas Chromatography InnovationsOlujide T Akinbo, Butler University
GC Fuels, Energy and PetrochemicalPatricia Ranaivo, Indiana University Southeast
GC Optimization - Half SessionDavid Benanou, Veolia
GCMS of Environmental AnalysisArchana Kumar, Genentech
Glycan Analysis - Half SessionChrista M Snyder, Indiana University
Innovative Approaches to Science Education - Half SessionHubert MacDonald, The Pittsburgh Conference
Instrument Innovations - Half SessionRichard Bormett, Renishaw
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and Glow Discharge in Atomic Spectroscopy - Half SessionJagdish Singh, Mississippi State University
LC and Sample Matrix Solutions - Half SessionJinesh Jain, NETL
LC Method Development - Half SessionWilliam E Barber, Agilent Technologies
LC Optimization - Half SessionRachael Wilson, University of Pittsburgh
LC/MS Biological ApplicationsMary Ellen McNally, E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company
LIMS-No One Size Fits AllHubert MacDonald, The Pittsburgh Conference
Liquid Chromatography Column ChemistryA Carl Sanchez, Phenomenex
Magnetic Resonance - Half SessionBarbara Manner, The Pittsburgh Conference
Mass Spectrometry-Environmental, ICP-MS and OthersYongbo Dan, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Mass Spectrometry - BioanalyticalDaniel E Austin, Brigham Young University
Mass Spectrometry - Bioanalytical and OmicsLogan T Miller, Duquesne University
Materials Characterization and EngineeringCecil Dybowski, University of Delaware
Measurement Strategies - Sensors and SpectroscopyStephanie Archer-Hartmann, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center
Metabolomics, Proteomics, and GenomicsQingbo (Roger) Yang, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Microfluidics/Lab-on-a-Chip - Bioanalytical and OthersVishal Sahore, Brigham Young University
Microfluidics/Lab-on-a-Chip - Bioanalytical IHubert MacDonald, The Pittsburgh Conference
Microfluidics/Lab-on-a-Chip - Bioanalytical IIMichael Woodman, Agilent Technologies
NeurochemistryRose Ann Clark, Saint Francis University
NeurochemistryChi Leng Leong, Imperial College London
Novel Applications with Gas Chromatography Mass SpectrometryJohn Stephens, The Pittsburgh Conference
Novel Synthesis and Applications of NanomaterialsDavid Pensenstadler, The Pittsburgh Conference
Pharmaceutical-GC and LCSam Subramaniam, Miles College
Pharmaceutical-MS, UV-VIS and OthersJason N Payne, Western Kentucky University
Pharmaceutical Applications of Liquid ChromatographyPaulina Piotrowski, The Pennsylvania State University
Polymer Characterization and ApplicationsChristopher Henry, Waters Corporation
Portable Instruments - Half SessionRobert W Baudoux, Sr., RWB Convention Mgt
Process Analytical Techniques - Half SessionDavid Benanou, Veolia
Raman, SERS, UVRR ApplicationsSteve McQueen, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Sampling and Sample Preparation-Environmental and Food (ID, Safety and Contaminants)Jane Chan, Bechtel Bettis Inc.
Sampling and Sample Preparation - Bioanalytical, Neurochemistry, and Material ScienceDenise Wilkins, Bechtel Bettis Inc.
Sensors - Bioanalytical and Homeland Security/ForensicsKatie Edwards, Cornell University
Sensors - BiomedicalEmil Ciurczak, Doramaxx Consulting
Sensors - OthersGufeng Wang, North Carolina State University
Surface and Microscopic Characterization of Nanostructures and Biological MaterialsBrian R Strohmeier, United States Steel Corporation
Synthesis and Characterization of Nano ParticlesAshish Tripathi, Leidos, Inc.
Thermal AnalysisFu-mei Lin, The Pittsburgh Conference
Trace Explosives Detection - Half SessionMaria K Ferguson, PA Department of Environmental Protection
Unique Developments in Spectroscopy - Half SessionWilliam E Barber, Agilent Technologies
Vibrational Spectroscopy Instrumentation and ApplicationsJane Chan, Bechtel Bettis Inc.