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Abstract Number: 1270 - 8
Author Name: Charles R Mace - Tufts University
Session Title: Quantifying the Tumor Microenvironment
Event Type: Organized Contributed Sessions
Event Title: Direct Optical Microscopy of Biological Interfaces

Presider Name:Matthew R LockettCo-Author:Jenna A Walz, Irene Lui, Daniel J Wilson
Affiliation:University of North Carolina at Chapel HillAffiliation:Tufts University

Date: Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Start Time: 03:45 PM (Slot #8)
Location: B316

Abstract Content

We have developed a microscope that allows for the direct observation of cell-substrate interactions. Using our imaging system, cell adhesion processes can be imaged in real-time and on any substrate—transparent, opaque, coated, or topographically patterned—without requiring provisions for labeling or specialized optical components. We have demonstrated the use of our microscope by studying the dynamic changes in cell morphology that occur upon the initial contact of a cell with a surface and using measurements of cell morphology (e.g., the contact angle) to characterize adhesion interactions. By measuring the rate of change in the contact angles of cells, we have established a means to quantitatively characterize cell morphology during adhesion, as well as a means to describe materials according to their ability to promote or resist adhesion. Using this approach, we are able to (i) rapidly differentiate invasive and non-invasive cancer cells, (ii) characterize the inherent heterogeneity within a population of cells at the resolution of a single cell, and (iii) identify new mechanisms that cancer cells use to recognize and adhere to surfaces.