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Abstract Number: 580 - 7
Author Name: Chad A Mirkin - Northwestern University
Session Title: Nanomedicine, From Diagnostics to Large Animal Therapy
Event Type: Symposia
Event Title: Stickyflares: Tracking the Amount and Location of RNA in Single Cells

Presider Name:Raoul Kopelman
Affiliation:University of Michigan

Date: Monday, March 7, 2016
Start Time: 04:10 PM (Slot #7)
Location: B305

Abstract Content

Proper function of RNA is critical to the health and maintenance of a cell, and its misregulation plays a critical role in the development of many disorders. Despite this, the ability to study RNA has been severely limited. Many analytical techniques are only capable of quantifying expression levels of transcripts, and do not offer insight into the dynamics of RNA transport or localization. Recently, the Mirkin group has developed a novel nanoconjugate, termed the “Stickyflare”, capable of reporting on both of these critical components in live cells, with the intent to enable a more complete picture of RNA function than any other analytical techniques to date. Based on the spherical nucleic acid (SNA) platform, the Stickyflares enter live cells without the need for harmful transfection agents, quantify target RNA expression with single cell resolution, and allow for real-time analysis of the transport and localization of endogenous RNA. We believe this nanoconjugate will be valuable for studying the function of endogenous RNA in healthy and diseased cells, as well as offer insight into how a change of environment (drug treatments, hypoxia, starvation, etc.) affect the dynamics of RNA expression.