Basic Information

Abstract Number: 1870 - 6
Author Name: Shana Kelley - University of Toronto
Session Title: Electrical and Electrochemical Sensing and Detection based on Nucleic Acid Recognition
Event Type: Symposia
Event Title: Electrochemical Analysis of Clinically-Relevant Biomolecular Analytes Using Nanostructured Microelectrodes

Presider Name:Rebecca Lai
Affiliation:University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Start Time: 03:35 PM (Slot #6)
Location: B309

Abstract Content

The analysis of panels of molecular biomarkers offers valuable diagnostic and prognostic information for clinical decision making. Robust, practical platforms that detect low levels of biomolecules (< 1000 copies) are urgently needed to advance medical care by diagnosing and predicting the progression of cancer and other disease states. Electrochemical methods providing low cost and direct biomarker read-out have attracted a great deal of attention for this application, but have, to date, failed to provide clinically-relevant sensitivity. We exploit controlled nanostructuring of electrode surfaces to promote surface accessibility and enhance capture rate and efficiency to solve this long-standing problem, and showed that the nanoscale morphologies of electrode surfaces control their sensitivities. This presentation will highlight our efforts to use these components to detect markers in clinical samples to develop tests for infectious disease diagnosis, oncological management and transplant medicine.