Monday, March 6, 2017

CANCELLED - ISO and NIST Requirements for Volume Verification, Validation, and Calibration of Automated Liquid Handling and Pipetting SystemsPetar Stojadinovic, Automation Trainer LLC and William Herms, Automation Trainer LLC
Cannabis Testing Forum: New Opportunities for Enhancing Quality and Expanding ResearchJoshua Crossney, jCanna
Cross Pharma Collaborations on New Analytical InstrumentationChristopher Welch, Merck Research Laboratories and Benjamin Mann, Merck Research Laboratories
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (NANT) EducationJulia Xiaojun Zhao, University of North Dakota and Jiao Chen, New Mexico Highlands University
Non-Invasive Biomedical Analysis - VOCs Are in the Air - From Cellular Metabolism to Crowd MonitoringWolfram Miekisch, University Medical Center Rostock
Particle AnalysisJeffrey Bodycomb, HORIBA Scientific and Keith Swain, Horiba Scientific
Social Media and Science: Building Relationships for Long-Term ValueMegan Cavanaugh, CSols, Inc. and Luke Patterson, SilcoTek® Corporation
The Advantages of AccreditationBill Hirt, ANAB and Roger Muse,
The Startup/Small Company Analytical LaboratoryAmy Grano, Inventure
What is Really in my Food?Sneh Bhandari, Merieux NutriSciences and John Szpylka, Merieux NutriSciences

The Chromatography Forum of Delaware Valley Dal Nogare AwardMary Ellen McNally, EI DuPont de Nemours and Company
The LCGC Lifetime in Achievement and Emerging Leader in Chromatography AwardsLaura Bush, LCGC & Spectroscopy
The Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award (Dauenhauer)Resa Stauffer, The Pittsburgh Conference
The Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award (Robinson)Michelle Ward, University of Pittsburgh
The SEAC - Charles N Reilley Award and Royce W Murray AwardsShelley D Minteer, University of Utah
ACS-DAC - Advances in Biomolecule Quantitation by Mass SpectrometryKaren W Phinney, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Advances in Biological Mass SpectrometryRonghu Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Advances in Nucleic Acid Ligand Screening Methods Against Extra-Cellular TargetsPrabodhika Mallikaratchy, City University of New York
Cellular Respiration (Breath-Based) Metabolomics: In Vitro Links to Living Systems for Toxicology, Food Safety, Infection, Pharmaceutical Production and Metabolism DiagnosticsJoachim Dieter Pleil, US Environmental Protection Agency
Clinical BiophotonicsIgor K Lednev, University at Albany, SUNY
Frontiers in Sensors: From Ultrasensitive to Single Molecule DevicesJustin Gooding, The University of New South Wales
Identification and High Throughput Analysis for Food Safety and CosmeticsPerry G Wang, US FDA and Xiaogang Chu, China Academy of Inspection and Quarantine
Ionic Liquids for Electrocatalysis and Gas SensorsXiangqun Zeng, Oakland University
It's Legal! Now What? The State of Sample Analysis in the Era of Legal CannabisPaul Winkler, Sciex
Label-Free Detection for Microfluidic BioanalysesRyan T Kelly, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Method Development Strategies for Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography Separations – Small and Large MoleculesDwight Stoll, Gustavus Adolphus College
Miniature Mass SpectrometersZheng Ouyang, Purdue University
Nanomedicine, From Diagnostics to Large Animal TherapyRaoul Kopelman, University of Michigan
Novel Approaches in Optical Biological Imaging and Bioanalytical AnalysisStephane Petoud, University of Geneva
The Twenty-Eighth James L Waters Symposium on Genomic Analysis TechnologiesAdrian C Michael, The Pittsburgh Conference
The Current State of the Art in (U)HPLC ColumnsJason Anspach, Phenomenex
Organized Contributed Sessions
A Symphony of Neurochemical ToolsAndrea Jaquins-Gerstl, University of Pittsburgh
Drug Detection in the FieldMaggie Tam, Canada Border Services Agency
Extractables and Leachables AnalysisChristopher M Jones, Baxter
Field Spectroscopic Analysis: Environmental, Pharmaceutical and Security ApplicationsRichard A Crocombe, PerkinElmer
Ionophore-Based Chemical Sensors IIPhilippe Buhlmann, University of Minnesota
Oral Sessions
Advances in Mass SpectrometryPartha Basu, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Biomedical - Novel TechniquesMatthew P Nelson, ChemImage Sensor Systems
Environmental Analysis of Metals and NanomaterialsDenise Wilkins, Bechtel Bettis, Inc.
Environmental Analysis of Pesticides, Hydrocarbons, and Other OrganicsPaulina Piotrowski, The Pennsylvania State University
Environmental Analysis of Water QualityMarriah Ellington, West Virginia University
Food Identification (Half Session)James Harynuk, University of Alberta
Food Safety (Half Session)James Harynuk, University of Alberta
Laboratory InformaticsChin-I Shyr, The Pittsburgh Conference
Laboratory Management: Automation (Half Session)Barbara Manner, The Pittsburgh Conference
LC/MS - General Interest and OthersEduard Rogatsky, Wadsworth Center, DEHS
Others - Chromatography and SamplingBrooke Koshel, Waters Corporation
Pharmaceutical Analysis and StabilityAshraf Khan, US Pharmacopeia
Pharmaceutical CharacterizationRob Driscoll, Robatel, Inc.
Sampling and Sample Preparation - Liquid Extraction, SPE and OthersGarry J Lynch, Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation
Sampling and Sample Preparation - MS and ICLara P Phelps, US Environmental Protection Agency
Sampling and Sample Preparation - SPMEVishal Sahore, Brigham Young University
Sensors - BioanalyticalMukul Sonker, Brigham Young University
Poster Sessions
Atomic Spectroscopy - Environmental, Food, Fuels, Metals
Bioanalytical - MS, MS/GC, and LC/MS
Drug Discovery
Environmental Air Quality
GC Methods and Developments
LC - Pharmaceutical
Magnetic Resonance in Biological and Nano Materials
Sampling and Sample Preparation: MS, SPE, and SPME
Separation Science
UV/VIS Applications

An Introduction to Mass Spectrometry including Biomolecule ApplicationsBryan Ham, Department of Homeland Security
Automating the Lab: LEAN Lab Operations and Integrated Lab Informatics SystemsGeoff Turnbull, CSols, Inc.
Basic HPLC - Fundamentals, Applications and TroubleshootingFredric Rabel, ChromHELP LLC
Data Integrity: Understanding GXP Regulatory Requirements for LaboratoriesBob McDowall, R D McDowall Ltd
Developing and Implementing Calibration ProgramsDonald Stuck, PCI
Examples of Analytical Data Treatment Using Microsoft® Excel™: Part 1 – Some BasicsMark Stauffer, University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg
Handheld Vibrational Spectrometers: State-of-the Art Instrumentation and Novel ApplicationsHeinz Siesler, University of Duisburg-Essen
Highlights of FDA GLPShib Mookherjea, ValQual International, Inc.
HPLC/UHPLC Method Development Made Easy Michael Dong, MWD Consulting
Implementation of Laboratory Quality Assurance Program Using Control ChartsPolona Carson / John Carson, P&J Carson Consulting, llc
Injection Techniques in Gas ChromatographyJaap dezeeuw, Restek
Internal AuditingChris Gunning, A2LA
Karl Fischer Analysis for All Samples Types: Solids, Liquids and GasesFrederick Fiddler / Kyle Hollister, Metrohm
Lab-on-a-Chip Devices ICastillo-Leon Jaime, Sol Voltaics AB
Laboratory Information Management Systems - LIMSSiri Segalstad, Segalstad Consulting AS
LC/MS Strategies for the Identification of Impurities, Degradants, and MetabolitesMike Lee, Milestone Development Services
Leadership at the Bench: Effective Communications for Technical ManagersRick Parmely, Polished and Professional
Light Scattering Techniques for Protein, Polymer, and Nanoparticle CharacterizationSigrid Kuebler, Wyatt Technology
Measurement Uncertainty - An IntroductionBernard King, Consultant
Practical Comprehensive Multidimensional Gas Chromatography (GCxGC)Matthew Klee, XO ASSOCIATES LLC
Practical Introduction to Near IR and Raman SpectroscopyFrederick Long, Picatinny Arsenal
Preparing Your Lab for Unexpected Downtime: Disaster Planning for Your LIMS, CDS, and Supporting InfrastructureAnthony Lisi, CSols Inc.
Primer on XRF Spectrometry: InstrumentationCharles Wu, Western University
Safety in the Laboratory IJames A. Kaufman, Laboratory Safety Institute
Supervisory Skills for Technical ManagersElizabeth Treher, The Learning Key
(CANCELED) Computer Systems Validation (CSV) Script Writing Course/WorkshopKurt Robak, Csols, Inc
(CANCELED) Conducting Effective Investigation of Failing Analytical ResultsKim Huynh-Ba, Pharmalytik
(CANCELED) Digital Imaging for Materials, Food, Pharmaceuticals and Derived Products Characterization: Lab Scale ApplicationsGiuseppe Bonifazi, Sapienza - Università di Roma
(CANCELED) Keep a Customer: Writing for Excellent Customer Service and SupportSteven Schultz, Writing at Work, Inc.
(CANCELED) Scientific Publications and Oral Presentations TechniquesPeramo Antonio,
(CANCELED) Statistics for the Non-Statistician with Applications to Analytical ChemistryJames De Muth, University of Wisconsin
(CANCELED) Techsalence™ - Sales for the Technical Team. Scientists, Engineers & Techies who Interact with CustomersDan Kirsch, Triton Consulting, LLC
(CANCELED) Trace Level Analytical Method Validation in Pharmaceutical and in Food IndustryGyorgy Vas, Intertek/VasAnalytical