Tuesday, March 7, 2017

CANCELLED - Hyperspectral Imaging: A New Multipurpose Analytical ToolGiuseppe Bonifazi, Sapienza-Universita di Roma
Choosing the Best Laboratory Improvement Project Katherine Temple, CSols, Inc.
Defining, Refining, and Advancing Chemical Measurement and ImagingLin He, National Science Foundation and Michelle Bushey, National Science Foundation
Detection of Drug Consumption in Human BreathWolfgang Vautz, ION-GAS GmbH and Maggie Tam, Canada Border Services Agency
ICP-MS and Chromatography for Metals SpeciationLarry Irr, BMPC
Mobile Phase Selection for LC-MS AnalysisSubhra Bhattacharya, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Stephen Roemer, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater UpdatesWilliam Lipps, Shimadzu
Student-Faculty-Industry Networking: Getting Students Prepared for their CareersErin Gross, Creighton University and Maral Mousavi, Harvard University
The Importance of Particle Shape Information in the Pharmaceutical Product Quality Control ProcessLily Zu, Micromeritics and Peter Bouza, Micormeritics
What is the True Meaning of FDA’s April 2016 Guidance Document on Data Integrity?Christopher Hahn, CSols, Inc. and Christopher Hahn,

The Coblentz Society/ABB - Bomem-Michelson AwardYukihiro Ozaki, Kwansei Gakuin University
The Pittsburgh Analytical Chemistry AwardFu-Tyan Lin, The Pittsburgh Conference
The Pittsburgh Spectroscopy AwardPartha Basu, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
The Royal Society of Chemistry's Joseph Black AwardRebecca Brodie, Royal Society of Chemistry
ACS-DAC - Ion Mobility: Adding New DimensionsMatthew F Bush, University of Washington
Advances in Real-Time Detection of Metal Ions for Bioimaging and Environmental MonitoringYi Lu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Forensic Analysis in the Lab and Crime SceneIgor K Lednev, University at Albany, SUNY
How Did That Get in My Food? Determination of Process Induced Food ContaminantsWendy Young, FDA
IAEAC - Novel Sensor Strategies for the Quantification of Biogenic AminesAntje J Baeumner, University of Regensburg
In Vivo Neurochemistry: Faster, Smaller, More Sensitive Methods for Real-Time NeuroanalysisB Jill Venton, University of Virginia
JAIMA - Analytical Solutions for BiopharmaSatoshi Nomura, Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association (JAIMA)
JAIMA - Emerging Technologies for the Evaluation of BiotherapeuticsSatoshi Nomura, Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association (JAIMA)
Microanalytical Methods for ImmunologyRebecca R Pompano, University of Virginia
Multimodal Chemical Imaging ApproachesJacob T Shelley, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Novel Uses of Mass Spectrometry and Ion Mobility in Pharmaceuticals: From Small Molecules to Monoclonal AntibodiesIain Campuzano, Amgen
Process Analytical Technologies for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Continuous ManufacturingTodd D Maloney, Eli Lilly and Company
Recent Innovations in NanosensingXiujun James Li, University of Texas at El Paso
Single Nanoparticle ElectrochemistryPatrick Robert Unwin, University of Warwick
Terahertz Spectroscopy and Imaging for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical ApplicationsKatsuhiro Ajito, NTT Device Technology Labs
Analytical Information Markup Language (AnIML) Data Standard in ActionBurkhard Schaefer, BSSN Software GmbH
Organized Contributed Sessions
Current Trends in Pharmaceutical Dissolution TestingGregory K Webster, AbbVie
Electrochemistry at Nanoscale StructuresMei Shen, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
From Discovery to Precision Medicine: Mass Spectrometry Through the Years and BeyondJody Roberts, Chemical Heritage Foundation
Quantum Cascade Lasers - A Different Approach to Infrared Spectroscopy?Don Kuehl, RedShift BioAnalytics
SEAC: The Student Session in ElectroanalysisStephen Maldonado, University of Michigan
Oral Sessions
Advancements in Environmental MonitoringMary Ellen McNally, EI DuPont de Nemours and Company
Analysis of Drugs for Forensics Applications (Half Session)David Pensenstadler, The Pittsburgh Conference
Analytical Education (Half Session)David Pensenstadler, The Pittsburgh Conference
Bioanalytical - ElectrochemistrySrikanth Gattu, West Virginia University
Bioanalytical - Fluorescence/Luminescence, and Capillary ElectrophoresisJinesh N Jain, NETL - Department of Energy
Bioanalytical - MS, GC/MS, and LC/MSLingzi Sang, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Bioanalytical Application of Mass SpectrometryYinfa Ma, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Biomedical - Sensors, Nanotechnology and MicrofluidicsMallikarjunarao Ganesana, University of Virginia
Clinical Chemistry Aspects with Focus on Pathogens, Marijuana and Anti-Cancer Measurements (Half Session)Kimberley Frederick, Skidmore College
LC - Environmental and OthersKannan Srinivasan, Thermo Fisher Scientific
LC - Pharmaceutical (Half Session)Rose Ann Clark, Saint Francis University
Microfluidics Methods - Biomedical ApplicationsAbhijit Ghosh, Brigham Young University
Microfluidics Methods - Environmental Applications (Half Session)Kimberley Frederick, Skidmore College
Microfluidics Methods -Bioanalytical ApplicationsSam Subramaniam, Miles College
New Approaches to Understanding Brain FunctionLeslie Wilson, North Carolina State University
Pharmaceutical Characterization with Spectroscopy and SpectrometryRobert Lodder, University of Kentucky
Process Analytical Chemistry / Monitoring (Half Session)Rose Ann Clark, Saint Francis University
Process Analytical Technologies and MethodsMichael Woodman, Agilent Technologies
Recent Developments in Portable InstrumentsJane Chan, Bechtel Bettis, Inc.
Sensors - Bioanalytical, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, and Clinical/ToxicologyEmil Ciurczak, Doramaxx Consulting
Poster Sessions
Bioanalytical - Electrochemistry
Bioanalytical - Sensors and Lab-on-a-Chip
Biomedical Analysis
Environmental Analysis of Pesticides, PPCPs, VOCs and other Organics
Environmental Analysis of Water Quality
Food Identification
Food Science
LC - Environmental and Others
Pharmaceutical - LC, MS, GC, and LC/MS
Sampling and Sample Preparation - Liquid Extraction, and Others
Surface Analysis/Imaging
The Versatile Use of Portable Instruments

A Practical Guide to the New Global Guidelines on Elemental Impurities and Analytical Procedures for Pharmaceutical Materials and Dietary SupplementsRobert Thomas, Scientific Solutions
Analytical Organic Mass SpectrometryWilliam Budde, Retired USEPA
Applications of Two-Dimensional X-ray DiffractionBob He, Bruker AXS
Auditing GMP Regulated Laboratories: Preparation and ExecutionBob McDowall, R D McDowall Ltd
Basic HPLC Method DevelopmentFredric Rabel, ChromHELP LLC
Coaching and Mentoring in R&DElizabeth Treher, The Learning Key
Elemental Analysis via Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy and X-ray FluorescenceRandy Vander Wal, Penn State University
Examples of Analytical Data Treatment Using Microsoft® Excel™: Part 2 – More Advanced Topics Mark Stauffer, University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg
Faster, Better, Leaner! The High Performing LabWillem Romanus, Arthur D. Little
Fundamentals of Particle Size Analysis with an Emphasis on Light Scattering TechniquesAlan Rawle, Malvern Instruments Inc
Highlights of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) & FDA DirectivesShib Mookherjea, ValQual International, Inc.
Highly Successful Strategies for LC/MS Quantitation: Current Applications and Emerging TechnologiesRick King, PharmaCadence Analytical Services, LLC
Immunoanalytical Methods for Environmental, Food and Clinical AnalysisRudolf Schneider, BAM
Implementation of Laboratory Quality Assurance Program Using Control ChartsPolona Carson / John Carson, P&J Carson Consulting, llc
Internal AuditingChris Gunning, A2LA
Lab-on-a-Chip Devices IISvendsen Winnie, DTU Nanotech, Technical Univ. of Denmark
Laboratory Workflow Reengineering for a LIMS or ELN ImplementationKurt Robak, Csols Inc
LIMS and ELN: How to Select, Plan and Implement the Right Software Solutions for Your LaboratoryHoward Rosenberg, CSols, Inc.
Measurement and Interpretation of pH in Aqueous and NonAqueous Solutions and a Host of Other StuffBill Tindall, Analytical Science Solutions
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics for the Analytical ScientistMarcel Musteata, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Practical Comprehensive Multidimensional Gas Chromatography (GCxGC)Matthew Klee, XO ASSOCIATES LLC
Practical Maintenance and Troubleshooting in Gas ChromatographyJaap dezeeuw, Restek
Practical Titration: Successful Method DevelopmentKerri-Ann Blake / Frederick Fiddler, Metrohm
Problems with FT-IR Spectra and How to Avoid ThemMiseo Ellen , Hamamatsu
Safety in the Laboratory IIJames A. Kaufman, Laboratory Safety Institute
Technical Writing at WorkSteven Schultz, Writing at Work, Inc.
(CANCELED) Analysis of Bioanalytical Data to Extract Relevant InformationMikael Kubista / Jose Andrade, University of A Corunna, Dep. Analytical Chemistry
(CANCELED) Coaching as a Powerful Leadership ToolJanice Sabatine, Avanti Strategies
(CANCELED) Essential Writing Tools for the English as a Second Language (ESL) Scientific WriterRick Parmely, Polished and Professional
(CANCELED) Good Documentation Practices and Effective Analytical Documents in Pharmaceutical GMP LaboratoriesKim Huynh-Ba, PHARMALYTIK
(CANCELED) Hyperspectral Imaging Applied To The Food Sector: FundamentalsGiuseppe Bonifazi, Sapienza - Università di Roma
(CANCELED) Imaging Based Morphology: FundamentalsGiuseppe Bonifazi, Sapienza - Università di Roma
(CANCELED) Introduction to Gas Chromatography/Infrared SpectrometryJohn Schneider, Argonne National Laboratory
(CANCELED) Laboratory Equipment in the Modern KitchenAaron Prater, Labconco Corporation
(CANCELED) Managing Difficult ConversationsJanice Sabatine, Avanti Strategies
(CANCELED) Overview of Materials Characterization TechniquesDalia Yablon / Greg Haugstad, Dr. / Univ Minnesota
(CANCELED) Scientific Publications and Oral Presentations TechniquesPeramo Antonio, iPublishPapers.com
(CANCELED) Statistics for the Non-Statistician with Applications to Analytical ChemistryJames De Muth, University of Wisconsin