Thursday, March 9, 2017

ACS-DAC - Unconventional Pipetting for Bio/Chem AnalysisLane A Baker, Indiana University
Analytical Techniques for Probing NeurochemistryRachel A Saylor, University of South Carolina
Atomic Spectroscopy Instrumentation Development: A Disconnect Between the Research Laboratories and the Pittcon FloorR Kenneth Marcus, Clemson University
Evolving Spectroscopic Technologies for Point-of-Origin Detection of Diseases and Environmental ToxinsJohn F Rabolt, University of Delaware
Impacts of Single Cell Analysis on Biology and MedicineX Nancy Xu, Old Dominion University
In Vivo Neurochemistry: Applications from Single Cells to BehaviorB Jill Venton, University of Virginia
Metabolomics: Breath as a Sample for Clinical AnalysisRichard A Yost, University of Florida
Native Analysis of Biomolecules by Mass SpectrometryChristian Bleiholder, Florida State University
Pharmaceutical Applications of ElectrochemistryGregory K Webster, AbbVie
Recognizing Cutting-Edge Chemistry from the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChe)Renã A S Robinson, University of Pittsburgh
SAS - MetallomicsGreg Klunder, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
SAS - Molecular Spectroscopy for Disease DetectionGreg Klunder, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
UHPLC Method Development in Pharmaceutical AnalysisMichael W Dong, MWD Consulting
Light Sources in Analytical Chemistry: Solid State Light Sources and BeyondMirek Macka, University of Tasmania
Organized Contributed Sessions
Chiral Method DevelopmentTivadar Farkas, Phenomenex, Inc.
Modified Carbon-Based Materials for Sensors, Arrays, and CatalysisMatthew Ryen Lockett, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Oral Sessions
Bioanalytical - Fluorescence/Luminescence TechniquesChristina Henson, Buckman International
Bioanalytical - LC, Sensors, and MicroscopyErik D Emmons, Dept of the Army/ECBC
Bioanalytical - Microfluidics/Lab on-a-Chip and OthersBhavya Sharma, University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Bioanalytical ElectrochemistryRyan J White, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Bio/Pharma ElectrochemistrySamantha K Smith, North Carolina State University
Capillary Electrophoresis of Proteins, Peptides, and MetabolitesDoo Soo Chung, Seoul National University
Chemical Methods (Half Session)Samy Mohamed, Cairo University
Chemometrics (Half Session)Kamal Ismail, City University of New York
Data Analysis and Manipulation, Computer Modeling and SimulationManuel R Miller, The Pittsburgh Conference
Drug Discovery (Half Session)Kamal Ismail, City University of New York
Electrochemical Characterization of Corrosion and Water Oxidation (Half Session)Chin-I Shyr, The Pittsburgh Conference
Electrochemical Investigations of Energy Storage MaterialsLingzi Sang, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Environmental Applications of Electrochemistry (Half Session)Chin-I Shyr, The Pittsburgh Conference
In-Vivo and Neuro ElectrochemistryGregory McCarty, North Carolina State University
Nanotechnology ApplicationsQingbo Yang, Missouri University of Science and Technology
New MethodsDean Tzeng, The Pittsburgh Conference
Novel Applications of Surface Analysis/ImagingSam Subramaniam, Miles College
Surface Modification/Imaging DevelopmentsJoachim Koenen, WITec Wissenschaftliche Instrumente und Technologie GmbH
Poster Sessions
Chemical Methods
Fluorescence and Luminescence
Microfluidic Methods
Molecular Spectroscopy Advances: Raman and Infrared
Nanotechnology Applications
New Methods
Process Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Sampling and Sample PreparationDoug Raynie, South Dakota State University
Basic Theory, Instrumentation and Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy (Raman, Mid-/Near-/Far-Infrared) in Materials and Life SciencesHeinz Siesler, University of Duisburg-Essen
Fast GC Analysis: How to Achieve Fast Separation to Increase Sample Throughput and ProductivityYelena Sapozhnikova, USDA
Frontiers in Atomic Spectrometry using ICP/MS as Ionisation Source II: Isotopic Analysis of Heavy Elements for Environmental, Forensic, Biomedical and Industrial ApplicationsOlivier Donard, MARSS-IPREM
ISO 17025 Preparing for Lab AccreditationSiri Segalstad, Segalstad Consulting AS
LIMS Project Implementation TopicsAndrew Vega, CSols, Inc.
Managing Polarities: A Tool to Build Collaboration Elizabeth Treher, The Learning Key
Petroleum, Petrochemical and Gas Analysis by Gas ChromatographyMatthew Klee, XO ASSOCIATES LLC
Qualification and Validation of Laboratory Instruments and Equipment for Regulatory and QS Compliance (IQ, OQ, PQ)Shib Mookherjea, ValQual International, Inc.
Sampling for Particle Size AnalysisAlan Rawle, Malvern Instruments Inc
Separations: Fundamentals of Advanced Gel Permeation & Size Exclusion Chromatography DetectionUlf Nobbmann, Malvern
(CANCELED) A Hands-on Example on How to Develop a PLS Regression ModelJose Andrade, University of A Corunna, Dep. Analytical Chemistry
(CANCELED) Dreaming Green – Maximizing Energy Efficiency in the Modern Laboratory David Wasescha, Labconco Corporation
(CANCELED) Executing High Value Process Improvements during Laboratory Informatics Implementation PlanningMichael Barkan, CSols, Inc.
(CANCELED) Good Liquid Handling and Pipetting, Automated Sample Prep and Detection - Hands-on WorkshopPetar Stojadinovic, Automation Trainer LLC
(CANCELED) How to be Successful in Scientific PublishingPhilippe Garrigues, University of Bordeaux/CNRS
(CANCELED) Identifying High Value Process Improvements During Laboratory Informatics Implementation PlanningKatherine Temple, CSols, Inc.
(CANCELED) Maintaining Calibration Programs – Compliance Perspective (483s, Warning Letters and Consent Decree)Nick Jones, PCI
(CANCELED) Residual Solvents: Take Advantage of the New Flexibility in Revised USP <467>Greg Martin, Complectors Consulting
(CANCELED) Safely Implement Customization to your LIMSChristopher Petty, CSols Inc.
(CANCELED) Scientific Writing and Publication TechniquesPeramo Antonio,
(CANCELED) Solventless Sample Preparation for Mass Spectrometric AnalysisGyorgy Vas, Intertek/VasAnalytical
(CANCELED) "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall": A Fairy Tale of LeadershipRick Parmely, Polished and Professional