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Abstract Number: 1280 - 3
Author Name: Donald F Hunt - University of Virginia
Session Title: From Discovery to Precision Medicine: Mass Spectrometry Through the Years and Beyond
Event Type: Organized Contributed Sessions
Event Title: A Brief History (1974-2016) of Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation Driving Cutting-Edge Biological Research that then Stimulates Development of New Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation

Presider Name:Jody Roberts
Affiliation:Chemical Heritage Foundation

Date: Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Start Time: 02:10 PM (Slot #3)
Location: W184bc

Abstract Content

This lecture will describe a number of innovations that resulted from a 42 year (and counting) collaboration with the Finnigan Corporation (now ThermoFisher Scientific). Topics include: (1) PPINICI and the conversion dynode EM for quantitation of drugs at the attomole level (1976-78; (2) construction of the triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for peptide sequence analysis of permethylated peptides (1978-80); (3) construction of a Quadrupole FTMS instrument for high resolution analysis of peptides and sequence analysis by photodissociation (1984-85); (4) modification of TSQ instruments for ESI and both CE and microocapillary HPLC (1990-91); (5) sequence analysis of the first class I and class II MHC peptides by mass spectrometry and modification of the QFTMS instrument to facilitate identification of antigenic peptides recognized by T-cells that were then sequenced on a TSQ instrument (1992-99); (6) construction of the first LTQ-FTMS instrument for peptide sequence analysis (2002); (7) modification of an LTQ instrument to perform ETD and IIPT (2004); (8) Development of front end ETD ion sources for the Velos-Pro Orbitrap instruments that make it possible to sequence posttranslationally modified, intact proteins on a chromatographic time scale by a combination of ETD, parallel ion parking, and IIPT (2010-16).