Basic Information

Session Title: Non-Invasive Biomedical Analysis - VOCs Are in the Air - From Cellular Metabolism to Crowd Monitoring

Facilitator Name:Wolfram Miekisch
Affiliation:University Medical Center Rostock

Date: Monday, March 6, 2017
Start Time: 02:00 PM
Location: W185a


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have been described as biomarkers for a broad range of applications from “microscopic” detection of cellular metabolism to “macroscopic” monitoring of emissions from human populations. VOCs may act as disease markers and can help to assess human exposure to exogenous contaminants. VOCs can be used to monitor bacterial or cellular growth in vitro and in vivo. Along with recent developments in analytical instrumentation such as laser spectroscopy or real time MS new areas of biomedical VOC applications have emerged.
This network session is intended to address the role of specialized applications and innovative instrumentation in VOC research. This includes aspects of medical breath research as well as crowd monitoring by means of atmospheric chemistry.