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Abstract Number: 1280 - 2
Author Name: David C Brock - Computer History Museum
Session Title: From Discovery to Precision Medicine: Mass Spectrometry Through the Years and Beyond
Event Type: Organized Contributed Sessions
Event Title: The Commercialization of Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry and GC/MS/DS: An Historical View

Presider Name:Jody RobertsCo-Author:Robert E Finnigan
Affiliation:Chemical Heritage FoundationAffiliation:Formerly of Finnigan Instruments

Date: Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Start Time: 01:35 PM (Slot #2)
Location: W184bc

Abstract Content

Focused on the experiences of Robert E. Finnigan, co-founder of Finnigan Instruments, the commercialization of quadrupole mass spectrometry in the 1960s will be reviewed, with particular attention to the contexts of microelectronics, computing, and process control. The commercialization of GC/MS/DS [Data System] in the late 1960s will be surveyed, and the centrality of the life sciences and medicine as a context will be explored. Historian David C. Brock will deliver the paper, which will feature illustrative video commentary from Robert E. Finnigan.