Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ACS-DAC - Analyzing Chemical Signals Across Biological Kingdoms

Ashleigh B Theberge, University of Washington

01:30 PM   Introductory Remarks -
01:35 PM   Integrative 'Ohmics to Study Human-Associated Microbial Communities
02:10 PM   Microengineered Systems for Recapitulating Intestinal Function
02:45 PM   Systems Ecology of Human-Microbe Interactions
03:20 PM   Recess
03:35 PM   Plant-Like Alkaloid Biosynthesis in Filamentous Fungi
04:10 PM   Multikingdom Metabolomics: Studying Bacterial-Fungal-Human Interactions with Open Microfluidic Platforms

Multikingdom communication (i.e., signaling between human cells, bacteria, and fungi) is central to both normal function and infectious disease. This symposium will highlight emerging analytical methods (microfluidics, MS/MS, 2D NMR, etc.) to study the production and function of chemical signals that are exchanged across kingdoms. We will also hear from innovators who are pushing our understanding of the fundamental biological mechanisms underlying host-microbe interactions with a view toward new bioanalytical methods required to further elucidate the signaling mechanisms.