Monday, March 6, 2017

ACS-DAC - Advances in Biomolecule Quantitation by Mass Spectrometry

Karen W Phinney, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

01:30 PM   Introductory Remarks -
01:35 PM   Diagnostic Protein Quantitation in Patient Biopsies Using Mass Spectrometry
02:10 PM   Improving Our Understanding of Vitamin D Metabolism with LC-MS/MS: Unveiling Biology, Increasing Throughput
02:45 PM   High-Throughput, High-Precision Protein Assays Via Mass Spectrometry: Longitudinal Measurement of Protein Biomarker Panels in Dried Blood Spots
03:20 PM   Recess
03:35 PM   Trumping the Enzymes: Breaking Down Walls to Quantify Enzyme Activity for Patient Care
04:10 PM   Strategies for Protein Biomarker Quantitation

Mass spectrometry is increasingly being used as an alternative to immunoassays in both biomedical research and clinical diagnostics. Mass spectrometry-based assays generally offer improved specificity and greater multiplexing capabilities when compared to traditional antibody-based methods. Nevertheless, some challenges remain, particularly for quantification of complex analytes such as proteins. This symposium will focus on new applications and methodologies for quantitative mass spectrometry, with a specific focus on clinical applications.