Tuesday, March 7, 2017

ACS-DAC - Ion Mobility: Adding New Dimensions

Matthew F Bush, University of Washington

01:30 PM   Introductory Remarks -
01:35 PM   Multidimensional Ion Mobility Analysis of Proteins and Protein Complexes
02:10 PM   Pathways and Thermodynamics of Polyproline Helix Formation in Solution from Measurements of Ions in the Gas Phase
02:45 PM   Tandem Differential Mobility Spectrometry and Addition of Ion Transformations for Improved Selectivity of Response
03:20 PM   Recess
03:35 PM   Ion Mobility Spectrometry for Nanomaterials
04:10 PM   Coupling of Surface-Induced Dissociation with Ion Mobility or High Resolution MS

Ion mobility spectrometry enables rapid (sub-second), sensitive, and selective analyses of biological molecules, noncovalent complexes, and materials. This symposium focuses on recent advances in hybrid ion mobility spectrometry techniques and methods. Speakers will showcase the use of ion mobility spectrometry coupled with additional dimensions of analysis, including complementary ion mobility separations, ion chemistry, mass spectrometry, and detectors with increased selectivity.