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Session Basics
Session Type: Symposia Session Number: 610
Session Title: Advances in Diamond Based Sensing and Analysis
Room: S404a    
Session Date: 03/03/2014 - Monday Day of Week: Monday
Morning/Afternoon: Afternoon
Overview: Diamond is an extreme carbon material with unrivalled thermal, mechanical, optical, electrical and electrochemical properties. Recent advances in the synthesis, processing and functionalization of diamond have impacted significantly in many different scientific arenas, often using a combination of properties; one of significant importance is analysis and sensing. In this symposium we highlight recent advances in electroanalysis and new generation “smart” electrodes for electrochemical catalysis using boron doped diamond (BDD). We also showcase nanoscale magnetic imaging using diamond nanoparticles which contain single nitrogen-vacancy (NV) defects capable of sensing the magnetic fields associated with small ensembles of spins (and even single electrons).

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Time Abstract Title
1:30 PM  (#1)Introductory Remarks -
1:35 PM  (#2)Recent Development on Electrochemical Application of Boron-Doped Diamond Electrodes
2:10 PM  (#3)Nanoscale Magnetic Imaging Using Diamond
2:45 PM  (#4)Nanodiamond for Environmental Tracking
3:20 PM  (#5)Recess
3:35 PM  (#6)Diamond Microelectrodes for Neurochemical Studies in Human Tissues
4:10 PM  (#7)Electrochemical X-Ray Fluorescence (EC-XRF): A New Technique for Heavy Metal Detection at Sub-ppb Levels