Course Information
Course Title: Introduction to ICP Mass Spectrometry
Categories: 1 - Atmospheric Pressure Ionization
2 - Atomic Spectrometry
3 - Atomic Spectroscopy
4 - Mass Spectrometry
5 - Spectroscopy
6 - Inductively Coupled Plasma
Instructor(s): Sam Houk Course Number: 10
Affiliation: Ames laboratory USDOE
Course Date: 03/09/2009 - Monday Course Length: 1/2 Day Course
Start Time: 01:00 PM End Time: 05:00 PM
Fee: $215 ($315 after 2/9/09) Textbook Fee:

Course Description
This course is an introduction that describes the analytical capabilities, instrumentation and limitations of ICP-MS. It is appropriate for those who actually operate ICP-MS instruments, those who use the data provided by these instruments, those who are considering a purchase, those who sell or service these instruments, and others interested in this method. The course describes the newest developments in the area, such as collision cells and low-flow nebulizers.

Target Audience
ICP-MS users & supervisors Sales, application and R&D personnel from instrument companies Anyone interested in purchasing an ICP-MS device

Course Outline
Specific topics covered are:  Intro to ICP-MS Survey of Applications and Sample Preparation 
The ICP as an Ion Source Ion Extraction and Beam Formation
Operating Principles of Ion Lenses, Quadrupole Mass Analyzers and Detectors
Magnetic Sector and Time-of-Flight Mass Analyzers with the ICP
Causes of and Corrections for Spectral Interferences and Matrix Effects
Cool Plasma, Collision Cells, Solvent Removal and Micronebulizers 

Course Instructor's Biography
R. S. Houk is Professor of Chemistry at Iowa State University and a Senior Chemist in the Ames Laboratory, U. S. Department of Energy. As a graduate student he built the first analytical ICP-MS device and has continued research and development in instrumentation, basic studies of the ICP and of the ion extraction process, sample introduction, combined chromatography and ICP-MS for measurement of elemental speciation, and electrospray MS for inorganic species. Houk has approximately 160 publications in these areas. He has the ACS Award in Chemical Instrumentation, the Lester W. Strock Award from the Society for Applied Spectroscopy, the Maurice Hasler Award from the Pittsburgh Conference, the Anachem Award, the Wilkinson Teaching Award from Iowa State University, and is a Fellow of the Society for Applied Spectrsocopy. He has taught ICP-MS short courses at various conferences since 1986.