No. Course Title Course Length
03/07/2009 (Saturday)
   3Compliant Analysis of Water, Wastes and Related Solid Environmental Samples Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission and Mass Spectrometry1 Day Course
   9Language and Matter: Technical Writing for Analytical Scientists & Managers1 Day Course
   23A Manager's Guide to Managing Laboratory Automation and Computing - NEW COURSE!2 Day Course
   38Accessories and Techniques for FT-IR Sample Analysis1 Day Course
   39Introduction to Mass Spectrometry1 Day Course
   45Practical Gas Chromatography: Packed and Capillary Columns2 Day Course
   44Development and Validation of Analytical Methods and Compliance Issues2 Day Course
   53Statistically Sound Calibration Studies, Detection Limits, and Quantitation Limits - Part 1 of 2 - Theory1 Day Course
   57Introduction to Laboratory Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP's): A Systems Based Approach1 Day Course
   60Supercritical Fluid Chromatography in the Pharmaceutical Industry1 Day Course
   77Advanced Excel I: Least Squares Analysis and Error Propagation1 Day Course
   91Theory and Practice of Headspace Analysis2 Day Course
   99Capillary Electrophoresis1 Day Course
03/08/2009 (Sunday)
   1Chemometric Techniques for Quantitative Analysis1 Day Course
   4Application of Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission (ICP-AES) Spectrometry1 Day Course
   13Industrial Problem Solving Using Thermal Analysis1 Day Course
   27Sample Prep for Chromatography1 Day Course
   48Sampling and Sample Preparation2 Day Course
   55Statistically Sound Calibration Studies, Detection Limits, and Quantitation Limits - Part 2 of 2 - Computer Workshop1 Day Course
   73LIMS and Laboratory Systems Integration: How to Select, Plan and Implement the Right Software Solutions for your Laboratory1 Day Course
   78Advanced Excel II: Writing Macros to Make Excel Even More Powerful1 Day Course
   92Quality Assurance of FT-IR Spectra1 Day Course
   134 Isotope Dilution and Speciated Isotope Dilution: A New, Definitive, True-Accuracy Mass Spectrometric Analysis - NEW COURSE!1/2 Day Course
   138Primer on XRF Spectrometry: Instrumentation - NEW COURSE!1/2 Day Course
03/09/2009 (Monday)
   2HPLC Method Development for LC/MS1 1/2 Day Course
   15Mass Spectrometry in Proteomics, Metabolomics and Drug Discovery1 Day Course
   17Stability Testing of Pharmaceutical Products - NEW COURSE!1 Day Course
   21LC-MS-MS (QqQ, Q TOF and Q TRAP) and GC-MS Analysis of Endocrine Disruptors and Pharmaceuticals in the Environment1 Day Course
   10Introduction to ICP Mass Spectrometry1/2 Day Course
   14Solid-Phase Microextraction1 Day Course
   33Enantiomeric Separations1/2 Day Course
   34Real-Time PCR1 Day Course
   46Qualification and Validation of Lab Equipment and Systems (IQ,OQ,PQ)1 Day Course
   63Introduction to Multivariate Chemometrics2 Day Course
   64Basic HPLC Method Development1/2 Day Course
   70Designing and Implementing the Electronic Laboratory – Generating Business Benefits and Meeting Regulatory Requirements1 Day Course
   86Chemical Imaging Applications1/2 Day Course
   79Safety In The Laboratory (Part I)1 Day Course
   90LC/MS Strategies for the Identification of Impurities, Degradants and Metabolites1 Day Course
   102Basic Statistics1 Day Course
   103Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis1 Day Course
   135Microwave-Enhanced Chemistry Sample Preparation: Decomposition, Extraction, Equilibration1/2 Day Course
   140Light Emitting Diodes in Chemical Analysis and Chemistry1 1/2 Day Course
03/10/2009 (Tuesday)
   16Professional Analytical Chemists in Industry (What Does an Analytical Chemist Do?)1/2 Day Course
   24How to Select an ICP-Mass Spectrometer: The Most Important Analytical Considerations1/2 Day Course
   28Instrument Control Fundamentals1/2 Day Course
   32Practical Introduction to Near IR and Raman Spectroscopy1 Day Course
   41Integrated Analytical Instrument Qualification (AIQ) and Computerized System Validation – Part 11 Day Course
   54Preparing and Maintaining Laboratory Notebooks and Records1/2 Day Course
   66Basic TLC for Today’s Laboratories (including Herbal & Phytopharmaceutical Applications)1/2 Day Course
   133Preparing for Accreditation in Chemical Laboratories1 Day Course
   68Analytical Organic Mass Spectrometry1 Day Course
   72Analytical Pyrolysis Theory and Practice1 Day Course
   88Current Development in Nanoparticles Technology1/2 Day Course
   80Safety In the Laboratory (Part II)1 Day Course
   93Applying LEAN Principles in the Analytical Laboratory1 Day Course
   95Ion Mobility Spectrometry with Mass Spectrometry1 Day Course
   94Analytical Rheology-Probing the Microstructure of Matter and its Practical Applications1 Day Course
   97Dissolution: Theory and Best Practices - NEW COURSE!1 Day Course
   110The Pharmaceutical Business from Drug Discovery through Product Launch1 Day Course
   107Building Teams that Produce Results! - NEW COURSE!1 Day Course
   115Using Microsoft Excel to Deal With Problems in Chemical Analysis - NEW COURSE!1/2 Day Course
   136ROHS, WHEE, CSPSC 2008 Compliant Screening using XRF - NEW COURSE!1/2 Day Course
03/11/2009 (Wednesday)
   20Analytical Method Transfer for Pharmaceutical Products1 Day Course
   26Infrared Spectral Interpretation: A Strategic Approach2 Day Course
   31Basic Theory, Instrumentation and Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy (Raman, Mid-Infrared and Near-Infrared) in Materials Science2 Day Course
   52Highlights of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)1 Day Course
   56How to Start Your Own Business as a Scientist1/2 Day Course
   59Acid/Base Chemistry and Buffers in Nonaqueous and Partially Aqueous Solutions1 Day Course
   65Basic HPLC: Fundamentals, Applications, and Troubleshooting1 Day Course
   62A Hands-On Example on How to Develop a PLS Regression Model1/2 Day Course
   71Integrated Analytical Instrument Qualification (AIQ) and Computerised System Validation (CSV) - Part 21 Day Course
   82Lab on a Chip Devices I1/2 Day Course
   83Lab-on-a-Chip Devices II1/2 Day Course
   81How To Be A More Effective Chemical Hygiene Officer1 Day Course
   96The Possibilities of GC-MS in the Analysis of Huge Number of Compounds from One Solution by a Single Injection: Waste, River, Drinking Waters, Plants, Fruits, Vegetables, Honeys, etc. - NEW COURSE!1 Day Course
   104Statistical Tests Applied to Analytical Chemistry1 Day Course
   61Introduction to Patents and Intellectual Property - NEW COURSE!1 Day Course
   113Interactive Tactics for the Technical Trainer: A Trainer’s Approach1 Day Course
   122Speciation Analysis Using ICP/MS for Environmental, Food and Industrial Applications1/2 Day Course
   124Attack the Variance, Course 1: Tools to Understand Variance in Analytical Methods1 Day Course
   116Designing Gas Delivery Systems for Optimal Performance for Gas Chromatography Applications1/2 Day Course
03/12/2009 (Thursday)
   22Practical Statistical Methods for Improving Analytical Laboratories1 Day Course
   25Conducting Successful OOS/OOT Investigations for Analytical Testing - NEW COURSE!1 Day Course
   47Highlights of Process Analytical Technology Applications (PAT)1 Day Course
   49Introduction to Green Chemistry1 Day Course
   67Preparative HPLC: Basic Fundamentals and Applications1/2 Day Course
   75High-Throughput Analysis for Pharmaceutical Industry - NEW COURSE!1/2 Day Course
   84Interpretation of Electrospray Mass Spectra of Small Molecules1 Day Course
   119Supervisory Skills for Technical Managers1 Day Course
   125Field Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents1 Day Course
   109Technical Writing at Work - NEW COURSE!1 Day Course
   128Metrology in the Analytical Laboratory1 Day Course
   120Emerging IT for the Laboratory1 Day Course
   123Sensitivity Enhancement In LC/MS1 1/2 Day Course
   137T XRF Introduction, Sample Preparation and Application for Chemical Characterization - NEW COURSE!1/2 Day Course
   139Electrochemistry: Fundamentals, Detectors and Sensors1 Day Course
03/13/2009 (Friday)
   85PDA Based Instrument Control and Wireless Connectivity1/2 Day Course
   127Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography – the Other Side of Reversed Phase HPLC - NEW COURSE!1/2 Day Course
   132An Introduction to Helium Ion Microscopy and its Analytical Capabilities - NEW COURSE!1/2 Day Course