No. Course Title Course Length
03/07/2009 (Saturday)
03/08/2009 (Sunday)
03/09/2009 (Monday)
03/10/2009 (Tuesday)
03/11/2009 (Wednesday)
   20Analytical Method Transfer for Pharmaceutical Products1 Day Course
   26Infrared Spectral Interpretation: A Strategic Approach2 Day Course
   31Basic Theory, Instrumentation and Applications of Vibrational Spectroscopy (Raman, Mid-Infrared and Near-Infrared) in Materials Science2 Day Course
   52Highlights of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)1 Day Course
   56How to Start Your Own Business as a Scientist1/2 Day Course
   59Acid/Base Chemistry and Buffers in Nonaqueous and Partially Aqueous Solutions1 Day Course
   65Basic HPLC: Fundamentals, Applications, and Troubleshooting1 Day Course
   62A Hands-On Example on How to Develop a PLS Regression Model1/2 Day Course
   71Integrated Analytical Instrument Qualification (AIQ) and Computerised System Validation (CSV) - Part 21 Day Course
   82Lab on a Chip Devices I1/2 Day Course
   83Lab-on-a-Chip Devices II1/2 Day Course
   81How To Be A More Effective Chemical Hygiene Officer1 Day Course
   96The Possibilities of GC-MS in the Analysis of Huge Number of Compounds from One Solution by a Single Injection: Waste, River, Drinking Waters, Plants, Fruits, Vegetables, Honeys, etc. - NEW COURSE!1 Day Course
   104Statistical Tests Applied to Analytical Chemistry1 Day Course
   61Introduction to Patents and Intellectual Property - NEW COURSE!1 Day Course
   113Interactive Tactics for the Technical Trainer: A Trainer’s Approach1 Day Course
   122Speciation Analysis Using ICP/MS for Environmental, Food and Industrial Applications1/2 Day Course
   124Attack the Variance, Course 1: Tools to Understand Variance in Analytical Methods1 Day Course
   116Designing Gas Delivery Systems for Optimal Performance for Gas Chromatography Applications1/2 Day Course
03/12/2009 (Thursday)
03/13/2009 (Friday)