Basic Information
Abstract Number: 1070-4    
Author Name: Hesham Ghobarah Affiliation: AB SCIEX
Session Title: Successful Integration of Fast LC with MS Detection
Event Type: Workshop
Event Title: High Sensitivity and Throughput for Dried Blood Spot Analysis Using Microflow LC Interfaced to Electrospray Ionization
Presider(s): Koerner, Philip J Start Time: 03:50 PM ( Slot # 6 )
Date: Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 Location: 409B
Keywords: Bioanalytical, Electrospray, Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy, Pharmaceutical

Aiello, MauroAB SCIEX
Covey, Thomas RAB SCIEX
Neyer, David WEksigent
Young, J BryceEksigent

Abstract Content
This presentation will provide an overview of using microflow liquid chromatography to achieve increased sensitivity and throughput, while maintaining ruggedness. Microflow LC (using separation columns with inner diameters of 1 mm and smaller) provides an opportunity to conduct high performance separations with fast gradients and short cycle times. When coupled efficiently with electrospray ionization and mass spectrometric detection, microflow LC-MS/MS can provide a high sensitivity approach for limited sample quantities. Data for analysis of multiple compound classes in dried blood spots will be presented to evaluate separation performance, speed, and sensitivity of microflow LC-MS/MS and compare it against more traditional approaches.