Basic Information
Abstract Number: 1070-5    
Author Name: Maureen Joseph Affiliation: Agilent Technologies
Session Title: Successful Integration of Fast LC with MS Detection
Event Type: Workshop
Event Title: High Productivity Columns with LC/MS Applications
Presider(s): Koerner, Philip J Start Time: 04:20 PM ( Slot # 7 )
Date: Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 Location: 409B
Keywords: Drug Discovery, HPLC Columns, Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy

Barber, William EAgilent Technologies
Mack, Anne EAgilent Technologies

Abstract Content
New columns with smaller particles sizes including both sub 2um and superficially porous 2-3um columns improve LC productivity by providing more resolution and more analysis speed. The same types of columns can be used for LC/MS applications. Many questions arise on the compatibility of these columns with LC/MS and the options for increasing productivity. The first questions focus on adequate detector speed with the MS as well as how fast and how many compounds can be adequately resolved for the MS. Additional questions focus on obtaining good peak shape with LC/MS compatible mobile phases. Examples in this presentation will compare columns with different particle sizes and demonstrate that adequate detector speed is available to take advantage of the high efficiency possible with these columns. Additional considerations around mobile phase and peak shape for optimal LC/MS results will be shown.