Course Information
Course Title: Analytical Metrology
Categories: 1 - Data Analysis
2 - Data Management
3 - Quality/Regulatory/Compliance
4 - Statistics
5 - Teaching Analytical Chemistry
6 - Validation
Instructor(s): Jerry Messman Course Number: 115
Affiliation: Stranaska Scientific LLC
Course Date: 03/12/2012 - Monday Course Length: 1 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 05:00 PM
Fee: $455 ($655 after 2/13/12) Textbook Fee:

Course Description
Metrological practices with respect to chemical analysis are becoming more formalized because of the evolving emphasis on measurement assurance programs, international standardization and laboratory accreditation. Analytical metrology broadly encompasses analytical instrument qualification, quantitative and qualitative analysis (chemical metrology or metrology in chemistry), physical properties characterization, calibration and testing. This course provides a basic introduction to the many facets of the overall measurement process including calibration, reference material standardization, traceability, estimation and reporting of measurement uncertainty, and how they together can impact the quality and reliability of analytical measurement results and the confidence in any consequential actions or decisions. Much of the instructional material is gleaned from authoritative international references.

Target Audience
This introductory course is intended for laboratory analysts, technicians, calibration specialists, metrologists, supervisors and managers who have measurement assurance responsibility and accountability for the acquistion, treatment and reporting of analytical laboratory data from chemical analysis and analytical instrument qualification.

Course Outline
 Metrological definitions, terms and concepts
 Key government agencies and international organizations
 Measurement scales and units
 Calibration hierarchy
 Reference material standards
 Certificate information
 Metrological traceability
 Measurement uncertainty
 Quantitative chemical analysis
 Analytical instrument qualification and performance evaluation: UV/VIS, NIR, IR/Raman, Fluorescence, HPLC

Course Instructor's Biography
Jerry D. Messman holds a Ph.D. degree in analytical chemistry from the University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland USA). Jerry has been involved in various spectrometric aspects of analytical chemistry and metrology throughout his entire professional career beginning 30 years ago with the National Bureau of Standards (NBS). During his tenure at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) from 1988 to 1992, Jerry was responsible for rejuvenation of the high-accuracy spectrophotometric standards program in the Chemical Sciences and Technology Laboratory. During that time, he directed all NIST technical activities involving the production, certification, and recertification of UV/VIS spectrophotometric Standard Reference Material (SRM) artifacts. For the past 16 years, Jerry has served as Managing Director and Senior Scientist of Stranaska Scientific LLC, an analytical research and development company dedicated to the scientific and educational advancement of analytical metrology worldwide. Jerry is an invited member of CITAC, an acronym for the Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry.