Course Information
Course Title: Advanced Excel II (Laptop Computer Required)
Categories: 1 - Data Analysis
2 - Data Management
Instructor(s): Robert de Levie Course Number: 41
Affiliation: Bowdoin College
Course Date: 03/11/2012 - Sunday Course Length: 1 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 05:00 PM
Fee: $455 ($655 after 2/13/12) Textbook Fee: $50 (Same text for Courses 40, 42)

Course Description
Macros are the most powerful user-defined routines in Excel. They allow you to modify virtually all aspects of the spreadsheet, to interrogate specific spreadsheet cells, and to format the output of your computations. Macros use the same VBA language as functions and reside in the same VBEditor modules, but they are usually more complex to write. Students should bring their own laptop computers.

Target Audience
The course will benefit industrial and academic researchers, who want to adapt Excel to suit their individual and/or institutional data analysis needs. Course prerequisite: prior experience with Excel, including writing functions. If you are new to writing user-defined functions and macros, take Advanced Excel I before taking Advanced Excel II.

Course Outline
Survey: subroutines and macros
Practice session: writing simple macros
Survey: input and output
Practice session: using the MacroMorsels
Survey: testing and debugging
Practice session: testing and debugging
Survey: the power of macros 
Practice session: writing more complex macros

This course will emphasize the most error-prone aspects of such writing, which involves data output and, even more, data input. A set of MacroMorsels will be provided to illustrate many of these points. Students will also learn how to test and debug their routines, and how to incorporate existing data processing routines, such as those of the Numerical Recipes by Press et al., into their Excel functions and macros. 

This is a hands-on course, with most of the time devoted to practical exercises. Students should bring their own laptop computers, and all pre-registered students will be informed by the instructor well ahead of the course what Microsoft and additional free software tools to load. Students will get pdf copies of the PowerPoint slides used, and therefore will be able to concentrate on the practical exercises rather than on taking notes. 

Course Instructor's Biography
Professor de Levie has taught analytical chemistry at Georgetown University for 34 years. His 2008 book on Advanced Excel for scientific data analysis has been very well received. His website,,provides many freely downloadable Excel macros for scientific data analysis, many of which will be used in this course.