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Short Course

Course Information
Course Title: Delivering a Successful Laboratory Informatics Project
Categories: 1 - Laboratory Information and Management
2 - Management/Professional Development
3 - Data Management
Instructor(s): Kurt Robak Course Number: 140
Affiliation: CSols, Inc.
Course Date: 03/21/2013 - Thursday Course Length: 1/2 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 12:30 PM
Fee: $260 ($360 after 2/18/13) Textbook Fee:

Course Description
In this short course, the key elements necessary for successful informatics implementations (projects that are delivered on-time, budget, and scope) will be taught;. Lessons-learned from failed implementations will be introduced. The instructor will go through: how to engage the user community, select a vendor, develop a budget, create a sound project plan, pick an effective project team, develop a risk identification and mitigation plan, and use a methodology to help assure project success. The benefits of using third party service providers and the role of the vendor will also be discussed. The course will emphasize the continuous nature of project planning and control. Discussion will be on: how to identify project risks sooner, how often to review the project with upper management, and how to keep the project team or business unit engaged for the length of the project.

Target Audience
• Informatics Project Participants • Quality Control and Quality Assurance Personnel • Project Managers • Laboratory Directors, Managers and Analysts • IT Executives and Leaders

Course Outline
• Product Selection
o Determining current practices
o Workflow re-engineering
o Requirements Definition
o Request for Proposal
o Vendor evaluation and scoring
o Selection Decision
• Procurement
o Build vs Buy
o Fixed Price vs Time & Materials
• ROI (Return on Investment)
• Project Management Framework
• Implementation Methodologies
• Project Plan Estimating Techniques
o Order of Magnitude
o Approximate Estimate
o Definitive
• Project Planning - Detailed
o Fixed duration vs effort-based estimating
o Resource leveling
o Baseline Project
o Milestones
• Project Execution
• Reporting
o Dashboards
o Reports / Action-item lists
• Project Communication
• Project Reviews
• Project Change Control
• Project Risk Identification
• Project Management Best Practices

Course Instructor's Biography
Kurt Robak is a Senior LIMS Consultant with CSols, Inc. and has been involved in various laboratory informatics implementation projects since 1992. He has 20 years experience in CDS and LIMS experience and has been a PMP (Project Management Professional) since 2002.