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Course Information
Course Title: Getting Started with an Electronic Laboratory Notebook
Categories: 1 - Laboratory Information and Management
2 - Management/Professional Development
3 - Data Management
4 - Electronic Laboratory
Instructor(s): John Trigg Course Number: 112
Affiliation: phaseFour Informatics
Course Date: 03/19/2013 - Tuesday Course Length: 1 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 05:00 PM
Fee: $480 ($680 after 2/18/13) Textbook Fee:

Course Description
This course will address the business, functional, legal and regulatory issues associated with emerging ELN technologies, and will identify best practice in implementation and user acceptance issues. It will enable you to understand the traditional roles and functions of laboratory notebooks and why paper notebooks are becoming obsolete. It will also cover the benefits and consequences of the transition from paper to electronic notebooks. You will learn about the current ELN/Informatics market and how convergence in this space is driving the emergence of next generation tools for laboratory information management.

Target Audience
Laboratory Managers, Scientists, IT, QA/QC, Informatics, Academics. The course provides an introduction to Electronic Lab Notebooks for anyone considering, or in the early stages of an ELN project. It will also help anyone who needs a better understanding of the benefits and consequences of the transition from paper to electronic notebooks.

Course Outline
The basics: what is an ELN?
• The role of the laboratory notebook
• What benefits does an ELN bring?
• What are the different types of ELN?
• The relationship between an ELN, LIMS and other lab systems
• The evolution of the ELN market

Establishing ELN user requirements and potential benefits
• Understanding users and their requirements
• How to go about gathering user requirements
• Defining functional requirements for an ELN
• Getting the user involvement right

Dealing with ELN business requirements
• How much will an ELN cost and what’s the ROI
• What are the legal/patent implications of ELNs
• ELNs and Regulatory compliance
• Managing electronic records for long-term preservation

IT considerations for an ELN deployment
• What demands does an ELN put on the IT infrastructure?
• What devices can be used to access the ELN system?
• Adopting a strategic approach to data integration
• Do data formats matter?

Developing a business case for the transition to an ELN
• Why change to an ELN?
• How to assess the benefits of an ELN
• What are the short and long term implications of deploying an ELN?
• How much risk is involved in the transition to an ELN?

Defining a successful ELN implementation strategy
• Establishing the project team
• Establishing a sound deployment strategy
• What training and user support is necessary?
• How to measure the success of an ELN deployment

Course Instructor's Biography
John Trigg is Founder and Director of phaseFour Informatics, a UK –based consultancy specialising in the Electronic Laboratory Notebooks and laboratory integration. He extensive experience working in the field of R&D data, information and knowledge management, including 10 years experience of the world’s first enterprise level implementation of an Electronic Lab Notebook in the Eastman Kodak Company. John is author of a number of publications on Electronic Laboratory Notebooks and Knowledge Management in the Laboratory and has presented papers and run workshops at conferences in the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, USA and Australia. John is also the founder of The Integrated Lab website. He was the recipient of the 2000 International LIMS Award and is currently the Chairman of the Automation and Analytical Management Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and an Advisory Board Member of the Institute for Laboratory Automation.