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Course Title: Creating Killer Poster Presentations
Categories: 1 - Laboratory Information and Management
2 - Technical Writing
Instructor(s): Michelle LaPointe Course Number: 179
Affiliation: C3 Advertising, Inc.
Course Date: 03/16/2013 - Saturday Course Length: 1/2 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 12:30 PM
Fee: $260 ($360 after 2/18/13) Textbook Fee:

Course Description
Two years ago, a PhD candidate asked advertising creative director Michelle LaPointe for help with a poster. In a few hours, Michelle showed the scientist how to grab the attention of passers-by, focus on key findings, and use her data and exhibits to build a hierarchy of meaning that was both informative and memorable. The candidate reported glowing results, from high interest in her research to invitations to participate in other conferences. A year later, during a job interview, a program director cited details from the PhD's poster as among the reasons his institution was interested in her as a candidate. In this course, Michelle LaPointe will teach you how you can consistently and confidently create stunning and effective posters with the resources available to you. No graphic design expertise or expensive software required. The course begins with easy, stress-reducing techniques for organizing your material and finding the "hook" that will make viewers stop, take notice, and seek you out. You'll learn how to design an effective flow of information, choose what to include (and what to leave out), and produce a professional  final product. An extensive, online (and free) library of materials, tips, and resources will be provided for attendees.

Target Audience
Scientists, graduate students, science educators, health educators, anyone who uses poster presentations in the course of seeking employment, advancing a career, winning grants, or attracting venture capital investment.

Course Outline
1. Getting started: painless techniques for organizing your material, creating your "hook", and finding the thread that will tie it all together.

2. Good design for non-designers: simple keys that make your poster look great.

3. Supporting words with pictures, and pictures with words; how to write titles, subtitles and captions; how to choose and use images, and where to find affordable, high-quality art.

4. Editing: knowing what to include, and what you can safely leave behind.

5. The best tool is the one you already know how to use: Designing your poster with PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, Word, Adobe CS Suite, online tools, even paper and glue.

6. The big finish: tips and resources for printing and mounting.

7. Bonus: links to free library of tips, art, templates, and more.

Course Instructor's Biography
Michelle LaPointe is the President and Creative Director of C3 Advertising, Inc. ( Her portfolio includes assignments for Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, AMD, Honeywell, TIME Magazine, DISCOVER Magazine, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, United Airlines, G.E., Smithsonian Institution, Symantec, Xerox, Johnson & Johnson, Toshiba, and many others. C3 Advertising is the agency of record for Hanson Lab Furniture, Inc. and Looped LOGIC Lab Furniture. Michelle's many awards include a Gold Echo and a Silver Caples.