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Course Information
Course Title: Lab Manager Bootcamp: Insights into Ethical Leadership
Categories: 1 - Management/Professional Development
Instructor(s): Frank Bucaro, Cayley Thomas Course Number: 17
Affiliation: Lab Manager Magazine
Course Date: 03/04/2014 - Tuesday Course Length: 1/2 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 12:30 PM
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Course Description
In a business climate where corporate leadership is often under the ethics microscope, lab leaders are increasingly being challenged to find ways to deepen trust, foster collaboration, and build customer loyalty. This program will help participants gain a clearer understanding of ethics, show how ethics is a key ingredient in business and personal success, and will provide practical ideas to help with difficult decisions.

Target Audience
Lab Manager Bootcamp is targeted to all laboratory professionals, including lab managers, technicians, researchers, and engineers. Students in the sciences interested in taking on management positions in the future, or in just developing their leadership skills, will also find this workshop useful in preparing them for later career growth.

Course Outline
Topics that will be covered include:
• Two types of ethics and which will serve you and your lab best.
• How to identify the "ethics gap."
• Five virtues that will enhance an ethical and productive lab environment.
• Five key challenges to labs and how to overcome them.
• Four points to consider in making the best decision. This presentation combines timely and useful material with humorous stories for an experience that is informative, practical in application, and entertaining in delivery. This program is designed for 3-4 hours

Course Instructor's Biography
Frank Bucaro is an ethics expert, who, for the past two decades has been a leading crusader—researching, speaking, training and writing-- on the benefits of ethics. Frank’s career in business spans two decades, with the message that not only is good ethics good business, it is also good for business. As a current doctoral candidate in Ethical Leadership and an author of numerous articles on ethics, and author of the book Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership, Frank has developed unique and humorous insights into the challenges of being ethical. He provides practical ideas to help with difficult decisions as well as strategies for combating the sometimes blurred lines between right and wrong. A member of the National Speakers Association, he has earned the designation of CSP which stands for Certified Speaking Professional. This award has been earned by less than 20% of the 4000 members of NSA. He was also presented with NSA’s prestigious CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame Award for excellence and professionalism, an award currently held by fewer than 200 people worldwide.