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Course Information
Course Title: Getting the Most out of Capillary Gas Chromatography
Categories: 1 - Gas Chromatography
2 - Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Instructor(s): Matthew Klee Course Number: 53
Affiliation: XO Associates LLC
Course Date: 03/05/2014 - Wednesday Course Length: 2 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 05:00 PM
Course Date 2: 03/06/2014 - Thursday    
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 05:00 PM
Fee: $960 ($1380 after 2/10/14) Textbook Fee:

Course Description
This course is designed for GC users who seek an enjoyable, practical, and focused update on the latest developments in capillary gas chromatography. Attendees will receive an informed perspective on current “best practices” and the latest trends and advancements in capillary gas chromatography. Traditional GC theory will be expanded and applied to everyday situations. Perspective will be shared to differentiate the marketing hype from that which can make a real difference in the lab. Straightforward and practical explanations will be presented for each topic such that students will be able to make informed decisions on adoption and application of new techniques and instrumentation.

Target Audience
Users of gas chromatographs Those who are out of date on recent advancements in GC Method developers Those needing to improve GC laboratory productivity and quality

Course Outline
1.Capillary GC tune-up
a. Common myths and misconceptions debunked

2.Sample introduction
a. Practical fundamentals from samplers through inlets
b. Large volume injection

3.Fast GC
a. Is it worth it?
b. How to painlessly and quickly migrate your current methods
c. What’s the latest information on switching to H2 carrier gas?
d. Putting it together

4. Multidimensional methods (instrumentation, practice)
a. Detection (multiple and multiplex)
b. Separations
c. Deans switch, heartcutting
d. Comprehensive multidimensional (GC×GC)

5. Capillary column backflushing – BF with benefits
a. Easier than you think

6. Optimal GC/MS
a. Staying out of trouble
b. Maximizing performance

7. Method development and troubleshooting - interactive discussion

Course Instructor's Biography
Matthew S. Klee is an independent consultant and recognized authority in the area of GC analysis and instrumentation. After 7 years in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries developing and validating process analysis and monitoring methods, he joined HP/Agilent. Dr. Klee spent 23 years at HP/Agilent, developing, commercializing and marketing GC, SFC and MS products. Dr. Klee is an inventor on over 13 issued patents and over 20 pending patent applications. He has authored over 85 publications in various areas of separation science, chemometrics, and spectroscopy. He is a recipient of the Chromatography Forum of the Delaware Valley Award, Society for Technical Communication Merit Award, and the Atlanta Chromatography Discussion Group Student Award.