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Abstract Number: 560-21    
Author Name: Michael W Dong Affiliation: Genentech
Session Title: Pharmaceutical - LC, LC/MS, GC
Event Type: Poster Sessions
Event Title: Evaluation of a Low-Cost Mass Spectrometer
Presider(s):   Start Time: ( Slot # 21 )
Date: Monday, March 9th, 2015 Location: Exposition Floor, Hall F, Aisles 3900-4500
Keywords: Data Analysis, Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy, Pharmaceutical

Gu, ChristineGenentech

Abstract Content
A low-cost, compact single-quadrupole mass spectrometer was evaluated for pharmaceutical analysis in supporting method development of stability indicating assays and cleaning verification testing. The advantages found were: easy to use and maintain, sensitive, and excellent software integration of UV and MS data in Acquity UHPLC Empower systems with automated annotation and reporting functions. Some of limitations found were: not very “portable”, electrospray ionization only, no adjustment needed or possible, and “ not yet integrated with other vendors’ HPLCs”. The poster will include a description of the system, schematics and an Empower instrumental method. Case studies shown will include 1. a stability-indicating assay with a peak table containing UV and MS data plus system suitability values for each peak; 2. A generic cleaning verification method of 12 new chemical entities with automated annotations of UV and MS spectra indexed to each peak and performance data of the UV and MS channels.