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Course Information
Course Title: Technical Writing for Scientists
Categories: 1 - Laboratory Information and Management
2 - Technical Writing
Instructor(s): Rick Parmely Course Number: 35
Affiliation: Polished and Professional
Course Date: 03/08/2016 - Tuesday Course Length: 1 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 05:00 PM
Fee: $550 ($750 after 2/12/16) Textbook Fee: $155

Course Description
Scientists face a unique challenge of communicating ideas, transforming information normally collected as numbers and data into rich, descriptive prose. This workshop will teach how easily this can be done. After a review of types of errors and examples, practical, in-class exercises will allow participants of every level opportunity to put into practice what they have learned.

Target Audience
This workshop is rich in practical examples, targeting tasks that all active scientists, administrators, and managers face when communicating in written form.

Course Outline
Writing An Outline
• Technique
• Exercise The First Draft
• Technique
• Exercise The Final First Draft
• Technique
• Exercise Writing Final Draft
• Technique
• Exercise Polishing the Final Copy
• Technique
• Exercise

Course Instructor's Biography
After teaching undergraduate chemistry at West Point and Juniata College, Rick joined Restek in 1997 and directed their technical education program until 2015. He taught chemistry and separation science theory through the Restek Learning Network (RLN), and coached other Restek instructors in public speaking. With 30-plus years of teaching experience, Rick has taught science and communications courses to widely diverse audiences, including NATO officials, technicians at the U.N. Pesticides Laboratory in Austria, and scientists at the University of Nairobi as well as flavor scientists in Shanghai, China. A background in lab management of undergraduates in gas storage and transport research has provided him significant insight into mentoring and managing multiple priorities in a high-paced environment.