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Course Title: Solventless Sample Preparation Prior to Mass Spectrometric Analysis
Categories: 1 - Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
2 - Environmental Analysis
3 - Sample Preparation
4 - Food
5 - Gas Chromatography
6 - Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Instructor(s): Gyorgy Vas Course Number: 128
Affiliation: Intertek/VasAnalytical
Course Date: 03/10/2016 - Thursday Course Length: 1 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 05:00 PM
Fee: $550 ($750 after 2/12/16) Textbook Fee:

Course Description
This course discusses method development practice for solventless sample preparation techniques, such as Solid Phase Microextraction, Static and Dynamic Head-Space techniques, Thermal Desorption and Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (Twister). The course will provide examples and practical guidances how to prepare samples on a solventless fashion. The course will focus on the benefits and the disadvantages of solventless sample preparation techniques. During the course different analytical application areas will be discussed such as pharmaceutical, environmental, polymer, food and packaging. The different aspects of automation and instrumentation will also be presented.

Target Audience
Analytical Chemists from different industries including environmental, food, pharmaceutical, forensic.

Course Outline
Summary of Solventless Sample Preparation Techniques
Solid Phase Microextraction instrumentation and aspects of quantitation
Static and Dynamic Head Space techniques instrumentation and aspects of quantitation
Thermal Desorption instrumentation and aspects of quantitation
Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction instrumentation and aspects of quantitation

Course Instructor's Biography
Dr. Gyorgy Vas has a M Sc in Analytical Chemistry and a Ph. D. in Mass Spectrometry. He had published 18 research papers that have been cited more than 1600 times. Dr. Vas has several years of experience in E&L testing, pioneering and adopting solventless analytical sample preparation techniques. He has multiple years of experience for developing trace level analytical methods and validating methods at trace level. He worked for Johnson & Johnson for 7 years and was recipient of Johnson & Johnson Outstanding Analytical Scientist Award and the Philip B. Hofmann Research Award. Currently he is holding position in Intertek as a laboratory manager of Trace Organic Laboratory.