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Course Title: How to Select an ICP-Mass Spectrometer: The Most Important Analytical Considerations
Categories: 1 - Atomic Spectrometry-Spectroscopy
2 - Mass Spectrometry
3 - Spectroscopy
4 - Inductively Coupled Plasma
Instructor(s): Robert Thomas Course Number: 73
Affiliation: Scientific Solutions
Course Date: 03/08/2016 - Tuesday Course Length: 1/2 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 12:30 PM
Fee: $300 ($400 after 2/12/16) Textbook Fee: $86

Course Description
The course provides a basic understanding of the most important selection criteria for analysts in the trace metal community who are looking to purchase a new ICP-MS system - and in particular what instrument features impact performance and how best to evaluate them.

Target Audience
Attendee should preferably have used trace element techniques, like FAA GFA or ICP-OES, but also have a basic knowledge ofICP-MS. The course will also be useful for senior management who might not be very familiar with the technique, but want to know more about the non-technical and financial side of the evaluation process.

Course Outline
The course will be a discussion of the most common analytical objectives of typical laboratories and how they impact the evaluation of ICP-MS systems. I will then go on to present the most important selection criteria and the various decisions that need to be made in order to compare different designs. The majority of the course will be devoted to an in-depth technical discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches and how they affect instrument performance. In addition, some non-technical considerations, like reliability, usability, routine maintenance and cost of ownership, will be presented.

Course Instructor's Biography
Robert Thomas has worked in trace element analysis for over 40 years…8 years as an analytical chemist in the metallurgical industry….22 years in application support, product development and marketing for a manufacturer of ICP-MS instrumentation and 13 years as principal of his own consulting company. He has authored over 80 publications on trace element analysis and written three textbooks on ICP-MS. He has an advanced degree in analytical chemistry from the University of Wales in the UK and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC).