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Course Title: (CANCELED) HPLC Column and Mode Selection: Beyond C18 Columns
Categories: 1 - Liquid Chromatography
2 - HPLC Separations
Instructor(s): Richard A. Henry, Merlin Bicking Course Number: 41
Course Date: 03/05/2017 - Sunday Course Length: 1 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 05:00 PM
Fee: $575 ($775 after 2/18/17) Textbook Fee:

Course Description
The full power of HPLC lies in its ability to resolve any chemical mixture with the right stationary and mobile phase. But one must go beyond silica-C18 columns or even the reversed-phase (RP) mode to solve every separation problem because many samples are too polar or ionic to interact strongly with a nonpolar surface. Too much reliance on standard C18 columns can increase development time, lead to complex mobile phases, and produce unreliable methods. This course will describe how to select other RP columns or modes when C18 is not suitable. Method development with polar stationary phases in both RP mode and HILIC mode will receive about equal emphasis. HILIC is sometimes referred to as aqueous normal-phase (ANP). Since particle geometry can also be important, a special section will be offered on recognizing and correcting problems that arise if pore openings become too small for certain molecules and reduce column performance. HPLC experts will explain how to select and screen columns for different types of samples and achieve a rugged separation using RP and HILIC HPLC modes. A booklet of course slides is included with course fee.

Target Audience
A reasonable level of HPLC experience will be required to gain full benefit from this course. Content is designed for the analyst who is already using C18 columns and RP methods, but has encountered poor retention or marginal resolution. Taking a comprehensive approach to HPLC column and mobile phase selection will generate fresh ideas for resolving complex samples and improve skills in selecting other columns and operating modes.

Course Outline
1. HPLC introduction with brief review of techniques and terminology
2. Classification of HPLC into separation modes covering all sample types
3. Guidelines for selection of HPLC Columns for sample types, emphasizing RP and HILIC modes
4. Column screening techniques for RP and HILIC modes
5. Method optimization after promising results are obtained in either HPLC mode

Course Instructor's Biography
DR. RICHARD A. HENRY is an Independent Consultant and resides in State College, PA. He has an extensive history in HPLC, having worked closely with many pioneers in the field at DuPont, Spectra-Physics, and The Pennsylvania State University. He founded Keystone Scientific Inc. in 1985 to provide HPLC columns and related separation technologies. He has published many scientific papers and several book chapters, and remains active in presenting papers, teaching short courses and consulting for both manufacturers and users of HPLC columns and instruments. His research interests include separation mechanisms and all aspects of HPLC column technology. Dr. MERLIN K.L. BICKING is President, ACCTA, Inc. and resides in St. Paul, MN. He has extensive analytical chemistry experience in academia, contract research, independent testing laboratories, consulting, and technical training. His professional history includes development of two EPA methods, as well as numerous methods in other regulated and non-regulated industries. His publications and presentations cover a wide range of topics, including liquid chromatography theory, derivatization, method optimization, and the use of experimental design strategies in analytical chemistry. He also develops and presents technical training seminars for analytical laboratory staff.