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Course Information
Course Title: (CANCELED) Identifying High Value Process Improvements During Laboratory Informatics Implementation Planning
Categories: 1 - Data Management
2 - Laboratory Information and Management
Instructor(s): Katherine Temple Course Number: 136
Affiliation: CSols, Inc.
Course Date: 03/09/2017 - Thursday Course Length: 1/2 Day Course
Start Time: 01:00 PM End Time: 05:00 PM
Fee: $325 ($425 after 2/18/17) Textbook Fee:

Course Description
This course covers how to identify and prioritize laboratory processes to improve, eliminate, and automate during a laboratory informatics implementation project. The course focuses on how to identify changes that benefit the laboratory most and maximize ROI. LIMS, ELN, and LES are often seen as a magic bullets to correct unwieldy processes that evolve when creative scientists make the best of existing tools. It is imperative to apply business process improvement principles to create solid processes before implementing any informatics system; there is no value in automating inefficient processes just because “We’ve always done it that way”. Even labs who anticipate a multi-year informatics project can start planning and improving their processes now for a smoother, more efficient deployment.

Target Audience
Lab managers, project managers and leaders, LIMS/LES/ELN administrators, and core laboratory informatics team members who have purchased or are planning to purchase a LIMS, ELN, or LES can benefit from this course. Attendees should have an understanding of operational processes, basic LIMS/ELN/LES capabilities, and how the two impact each other.

Course Outline
o Quantifying pain points with basic risk/benefit assessment
• Understanding if and how LIMS/ELN/LES can relieve those pain points
• How modern LIMS differ from older LIMS
• How current informatics system processes differ from paper- and Excel-based processes
o A new way to think about lab practices
• Understanding WHY you do what you do
o Understand what value the lab brings to the enterprise
o Understand how the lab brings that value
o Is the process something the customer is willing to pay for?
• Selecting processes to automate
o Low hanging fruit (i.e., what do LIMS/ELN/LES do best and OOTB?)
o Realistic expectations
• Process and functionality prioritization during implementation
o Implementation phasing to optimize ROI —and to get user buy-in early
o What can be done by a dedicated informatics system administrator or an ambitious user and what must be done by a developer or configuration expert
• Establishing metrics to compare old processes to post-implementation processes and support ROI

Course Instructor's Biography
Katherine Temple is a Laboratory Informatics Consultant with CSols, Inc., the premier Laboratory Informatics consultancy in North America. Katherine has redesigned and renovated multiple labs, but now focuses on strategic planning for laboratory informatics projects. She has experience in EHS, laboratory design, LIMS, ELN, project management, and laboratory management across several sectors, including pharmaceuticals, academia, and manufacturing. Katherine is a former Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer with degrees in genetics and organic chemistry.