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Course Information
Course Title: LIMS Pre-Implementation Planning
Categories: 1 - Data Management
2 - Laboratory Information and Management
Instructor(s): Katherine Temple Course Number: 137
Affiliation: CSols, Inc.
Course Date: 03/08/2017 - Wednesday Course Length: 1/2 Day Course
Start Time: 08:30 AM End Time: 12:30 PM
Fee: $325 ($425 after 2/18/17) Textbook Fee:

Course Description
Even those experienced with informatics implementations are often surprised by the amount of work required before the implementation team can begin. Modern LIMS are highly configurable and can enforce any nearly any process imaginable. Planning to implement such a system can be overwhelming and challenging. This course will help LIMS team members better understand business needs and process value, choose high value processes to optimize and automate, and organize and prepare process information and static data for a smooth and efficient implementation and deployment. This course will cover recommended pre-implementation activities and how to organize and prioritize pre-implementation tasks for a successful LIMS deployment. Concepts and principles of this course can also be applied to CDS, LES, and ELN projects.

Target Audience
Lab managers, project managers, LIMS administrators, project leaders, and core LIMS team members who have purchased or are planning to purchase a LIMS can benefit from this course. Attendees should have an understanding of operational processes and basic LIMS capabilities as well as having a minimal grasp of how the two impact each other.

Course Outline
• Brief overview of the general LIMS implementation process
• Brief overview of how modern laboratory informatics differ from Excel and paper-based processes
• Value and risk of automating processes
o Prioritizing processes to automate
• Value of configuration vs. validation requirements
• Static data
• Process improvement decisions
o Decision-making process and building consensus
• QA/QC considerations
o CoAs
o Rounding
o Significant figures
• Regulatory considerations
• Common challenges
o Speed bumps and road blocks
o Overcoming challenges and staying on schedule
• Project management strategies
• Getting the most out of the initial implementation team business analysis
o The LIMS business analysis process
o Decisions to make in advance
o Organizing information for the analysis
• Case studies
• Often-overlooked implementation tasks

Course Instructor's Biography
Katherine Temple is a Laboratory Informatics Consultant with CSols, Inc., the premier Laboratory Informatics consultancy in North America. Katherine has redesigned and renovated multiple labs, but now focuses on strategic planning for laboratory informatics projects. She has experience in EHS, lab design, LIMS, ELN, project management, and lab management across several sectors, including pharmaceuticals, academia, and manufacturing. Katherine is a former Certified Chemical Hygiene Officer with degrees in genetics and organic chemistry.